Sunday, 17 June 2012

No I'm not dead

But I am kinda mugging for exams coming up right after WCQ, although now I'm starting to find it all kinda meaningless cause I'll never get it all in my head in time. I'm considering putting all my eggs in the Chemistry basket, which is my best subject, and flunking everything else. But we'll see.

Anyway, the YGO world hasn't been distorted here in Singapore or anything, Chaos Dragons are starting to pick up popularity Zecters still the mainstream deck, though majority of those I see are shifting toward the Trooper build which is having so much success in Japan.

As for the release of SD23, I have come to the conclusion that Poseidra sucks and as such Treeborn Frog doesn't deserve the space in the deck. The Dragon Rider / Sniper board is extremely potent if you can protect the duo for a couple of turns though. 3600 damage that goes past both Trago and Gorz is kinda dumb.

Anyway, I will have to take time off YGO to focus on my exams after WCQ, unless I win, if that happens fuck life, cos that means YGO is my calling LAWL. Nah, I won't, I'll study, but I'll have a better excuse for flunking everything.

Even after my exams I don't know for sure if I'm coming back. The game has lost its meaning. For me at least. And I really want to get into DotA 2 or SC2 casting, I mean, some of the casters, are like, WTF?! They really have no idea what they are saying. Ofc there are the really good ones like Day[9] and IJB, but there are some who, no offence, I sleep through every single one of their casts.

And I've done abit of it before, you know, like take a replay and click around doing the commentary for my friends watching it with me, and I do think I'm quite good :)

That's all in the air right now, I do intend to do well for at least Chem, but who knows, I may end up asking if you want fries with that. Or I could be flown to major events such as ESWCs and MLGs casting beside some of the biggest names in SC2, ya I would like that......

More than likely though, I could just come back and play YGO. Maybe they'll want casters for the games, which will be played in soundproof rooms. That's an idea.

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