Friday, 14 December 2012

New blog has been up for awhile now

Harlow world, the new blog is up and is under the URL, As of now there is only a Mermail post up that is actually incomplete but I will get to that shortly. So basically, stop coming here and go there.

Ya that's about it.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Prolly last tourney report here

Deck used : Infernity

Number of players : 12

Prolly last report here soo....

Match 1 vs Wen Liang (Ninja Chaos Dragon) OXO
Game 1 - Got 3 Necro, still won #3Necronokick
Game 2 - Got Super Transformed despite Night Shotting one, FML.
Game 3 - Played a passive game and jus played removal stuff, his Trooper milled trash and it was time to YOLO.

Match 2 vs Tristan (Lightlord) OXO
Game 1 - I heard going first with a going first hand was good.
Game 2 - I heard BLS was good.
Game 3 - He Creature Swapped an Honest for my Void Ogre and I Prison-ed it, next turn top deck RotA, took Grepher, #LVVChainstackOP, you know the rest.

Match 3 vs Edwin (Mermail) OXO
Game 1 - He drew his Leed, which is always bad, and jus didn't have the plays to do.
Game 2 - Got Double Megalo OTK-ed on Turn 3 #boohoo.
Game 3 - Grinding against Infernity is a bad idea I heard. Potential chance to top deck Armed Soldier once but YOLO.

Got cut to Top 4 here and insert conspiracy.

Cash is good.

The new blog is up, and it's under the URL

Hopefully, I can get it fully functional in a couple of weeks. Right now there is one post on it.

You guys can also follow me on my newly created Twitter account @NoLogicEustace. In fact, jus follow me. I'm desperate for attention. Must impress my peers with my number of followers.

I'm totally joking, jus follow me if you're interested, hopefully alot of YGO will be up there, but alot of personal stuff too. It's Twitter for crying out loud, I may Instagram my lunch for you guys.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Harlow World!!

All my major papers are over!! I'm left with like two multiple choice papers which are a week apart. LAWL.

Anyway some news flash.

I like the FIRE deck alot, only cos of Assault of the Fire King, it looks bloody imba IMO. Free 2700 attacker? I may chunk a small Laval engine to enable Synchros. Jus a thought.

I prefer the FIRE Moulinglace anyway, that shit is stronger than both Moulinglace and Grandsoil to me, simply cos that mofo can directly win the game for you. Agressive attack and bomb playstyle with FIRE art??

Also, I'm leaving this blog soon. I'm off to create a new group blog with a couple of old friends and a couple of new ones. You can expect more straightforward in your face "most of the world sucks at YGO cause they don't try" posts, LAWL.

Reason being I never liked the name of this blog, I didn't make it, and the creator of the blog and I have decided that we could and should have different blogs. Also, people who weren't part of YGO.noobs ! are going to involved in the new blog. Now I'm gonna sound like a copycat cos Johann announce he change blog first. But ya, that's the plan, stay tuned for updates.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scrubbing spree

That's what I'm on now D= dropped a game to a Structure Deck, OMG time to quit.

Honestly considering quitting anyway, Wind-Ups OP.

They made Rabbit Rare so it won't foil stack. It's a conspiracy so people will spend lots of money to buy EP12 and build it.

Now have to help Sebas qualify for Top Shop liao. Most of the deserving players have it already anyway. Some sian sian last minute kena slot stolen, I feel for you bruh.

Maybe next year solely play at AMK and bootlick can liao. Liddat the uncle has to pick you cos you totally deserve it.

On a side note, it's good to see so many players with potential not put it to waste. Maybe one day they'll all #EARN their own Top Shop slot and not go there scrub 1-4 5th round bye. #itwastheGorz

I really should make Twitter, after 'A's. I'll do it.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Full Yen Mini Tourney (4/11/12)

I must be crazy, play day before A's.

Number of participants : 13
Deck used : Infernity

Round 1 vs Wenliang (Offering Gadget) OXO
Game 1 - Got Maxx "C" on turn 1 and stall behind a Barrier. Grind out lor.
Game 2 - Drew rubbish. Scrub lor.
Game 3 - He drop Maxx "C" and I YOLO. No Trago, win lor.

Round 2 vs Zheng Xian (GBs) XOO
Game 1 - Grind with him for 25 minutes, but Kasier Collosium OP.
Game 2 - Honestly, can't remember.
Game 3 - I set 3 he set 4 I Storm and we left to top decking but I was a Beetle ahead and made Gachi and after that a Parl and press on.

Round 3 vs Jason (Inzektor) OXO
Game 1 - Start first open very strong hand and just grind out with him.
Game 2 - Go second and open bullshit and got beatdown.
Game 3 - Opened damn well again. He no Maxx "C" lucky.

Round 4 vs Samuel (HERO Beat) OXO
Game 1 - I trash him.
Game 2 - He trash me back.
Game 3 - I not happy so trash him back.

At this point, I was in the final with 3 waves of lower bracket still running (double eli) when Sebas emerged from the lower bracket we jus split LOL. Lower bracket final damn funny, only sha one dunno is Eater.

Anyway, the build is working kinda like I planned. Go first and lock down. I'm not running Pot or Avenger, because I want to establish some sort of control ASAP (which equal Turn 1) and Avenger is just a bad card anyway. I won all my dice roll today, so obviously that helped.

Ok time get some shut eye, tmr is GP, I think GG.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Gold Sarco in Wind Up

Gold Sarco + Leviair = Pseudo Zenmaighty


And with Rabbit stalling Sarco may actually be able to go off.

Got idea after Chain D Wesley's Rat and he tried to bring back with Leviair.

Worth a shot? I don't care, I'm never touching Wind-Ups. Well, at least not yet.

Why Kizan don't have Shark effect?!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Card Review: Tsukuyomi

Today I'm doing a card review for Tsukuyomi.

This card cannot be special summoned. This card returns to the owner's hand during the end phase of the turn it is normal summoned or flipped face-up. When this card is normal summoned or flipped face-up, flip 1 face-up monster on the field into face-down defense position.

This card has just been unbanned during September 2012 ban list. It has seen no plays at all but this is a card that i thought would be interesting to review. I personally had side decked this card for Asia Plus for trolling purposes and cause it kind of looks cool. It has a Vanguard counterpart also (but I'm not going into that).

Firstly, this card is a monster with a limited card effect. You can just flip any monsters that poses a threat to your plays face down. Secondly, you can use the effect once every turn as it is a spirit monster and it returns to your hand at your end phase when this card is face up. This means that the Book of Moon effect can be used multiple times in a duel which is kinda cool. It has 1100 ATK which isn't high and this means that you can't bottomless it. However 1100 ATK is quite ample to get rid of pesky monsters in the meta that many people play nowadays.

Now let us look at how this card can be used. As i mentioned earlier, it can get rid of pesky monsters. 

Rai-oh preventing your special summon or Duality? Tsukuyomi can kill it.

Same thing. Kill roach with Tsukuyomi.

0 DEF is food for Tsukuyomi.

Face down Christia means you can special summon and thus getting rid of Christia should be simpler.

Facedown Gachi cannot detach materials.

As you can see, the fun and troll things that Tsukuyomi can bring is endless and is only limited by one's imagination. It will continue to stay in my side deck for trolling purposes and because it is the only side deck card featuring a girl (as of now).

Signing Off

Wind-up Rat + Tsukuyomi anyone?