Sunday, 3 June 2012

Upcoming WCQ

Congrats to my friends Wesley and Stark for qualifying for the Top 16 of the World Championship Qualifyers here in Singapore this weekend.

Looking forward to the event, I personally would prefer going through the 6 round swiss to test the consistency of the deck I'm bringing, though testing in locals recently has shown rather postitive results.

Anyway, today we learnt that when Gadgets set a monster it is an Eater so we have to tell them they didn't give us a window so we can Mind Crush Eater.

I'm just saying.

Some advice for first time tourney go-ers.
1. Beware of rulesharkers, THAT INCLUDES YOU WESLEY. Cos they shark but expect you to give chance.
2. Be a rulesharker, if your opponent tries to take something back, no replay.
3. Know the rulings of your own stuff. This will benefit you greatly.
4. If your stubborn opponent makes a judge call, don't take it out on the judge, give a clear sustaintiated arguement. Shouting at the judge or your opponent won't do you any favours.
5. Respect every judge call, even if you know it's a misrule. Judges have feelings too, they may find some legal way to make it up to you, embarassing the judge isn't going make you any friends.
6. Don't say shit while watching an ongoing game, you'll just piss the players off. An irritated one will say "excuse me, we are in a tournament", a really pissed off one may go as far as a judge call.

This is WORLDS people, this is not your 13 man Ranking Single Eli. The stakes are high. Losing because you got sharked or replayed is stupid and should be avoided at all costs.

Good luck to all those who are particpating in the remaining qualifyers. See you all at Worlds.


  1. Just to add on, think thrice before making a move, adding a card using pot while the other 2 is still on the field, opponents like wesley will say i dun allow you to re-choose and tell them 'I NEED TO THINK' if u really need to haha

    To advice 6, i think its better to say dun say anything or give any kind of emotions during games

  2. declare every phase during WCQ and lesser mind crush issues lol.