Sunday, 4 November 2012

Full Yen Mini Tourney (4/11/12)

I must be crazy, play day before A's.

Number of participants : 13
Deck used : Infernity

Round 1 vs Wenliang (Offering Gadget) OXO
Game 1 - Got Maxx "C" on turn 1 and stall behind a Barrier. Grind out lor.
Game 2 - Drew rubbish. Scrub lor.
Game 3 - He drop Maxx "C" and I YOLO. No Trago, win lor.

Round 2 vs Zheng Xian (GBs) XOO
Game 1 - Grind with him for 25 minutes, but Kasier Collosium OP.
Game 2 - Honestly, can't remember.
Game 3 - I set 3 he set 4 I Storm and we left to top decking but I was a Beetle ahead and made Gachi and after that a Parl and press on.

Round 3 vs Jason (Inzektor) OXO
Game 1 - Start first open very strong hand and just grind out with him.
Game 2 - Go second and open bullshit and got beatdown.
Game 3 - Opened damn well again. He no Maxx "C" lucky.

Round 4 vs Samuel (HERO Beat) OXO
Game 1 - I trash him.
Game 2 - He trash me back.
Game 3 - I not happy so trash him back.

At this point, I was in the final with 3 waves of lower bracket still running (double eli) when Sebas emerged from the lower bracket we jus split LOL. Lower bracket final damn funny, only sha one dunno is Eater.

Anyway, the build is working kinda like I planned. Go first and lock down. I'm not running Pot or Avenger, because I want to establish some sort of control ASAP (which equal Turn 1) and Avenger is just a bad card anyway. I won all my dice roll today, so obviously that helped.

Ok time get some shut eye, tmr is GP, I think GG.

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