Sunday, 11 November 2012

Scrubbing spree

That's what I'm on now D= dropped a game to a Structure Deck, OMG time to quit.

Honestly considering quitting anyway, Wind-Ups OP.

They made Rabbit Rare so it won't foil stack. It's a conspiracy so people will spend lots of money to buy EP12 and build it.

Now have to help Sebas qualify for Top Shop liao. Most of the deserving players have it already anyway. Some sian sian last minute kena slot stolen, I feel for you bruh.

Maybe next year solely play at AMK and bootlick can liao. Liddat the uncle has to pick you cos you totally deserve it.

On a side note, it's good to see so many players with potential not put it to waste. Maybe one day they'll all #EARN their own Top Shop slot and not go there scrub 1-4 5th round bye. #itwastheGorz

I really should make Twitter, after 'A's. I'll do it.


  1. Don't quit. Just play Crystal Beast with tech Hero monsters and Super Poly for the win. :D

    1. I feel like playing Lightlord, possible format for them to win.

    2. Hmm...Interesting choice. I don't see why not they have been given a lot of direct and indirect support lately.