Monday, 8 October 2012

Inzecters now

After the apparent nerf on Inzecters in the most recent banlist, many people, myself included, have begun to overlooked the winner of the World Championships and the deck of March'12.

I knew that the deck was playable, even after the list. If we just compare it to WWBF after its 2nd hit (1 Gale, 2 Whirlwind) it looks rather similar in terms of consistency nerfs, whereas power plays before and and after the nerfs remain relatively unchanged.

You can say that Inzecters got hit harder, but looking at WWBF, the recruiter got hit, whereas Inzecters, the power cards got hit. The significance in this is, the power play, when enabled, is still as potent in both decks.

Basically, what banlists aim to do now instead of killing decks, is to cripple consistency. While both examples above did just that, there are substitute recruiters such as Mystic Tomato, and the lesser used Howling Insect, while there aren't many substitutes for Black Whirlwind in the case of WWBF.

More importantly, because of the "death" of Inzecters, the slower set up of substitute recruiters are actually counteracted by a slower meta.

And finally, because no one bothers about Zecter hate now, if you somehow get Damsel Hornet, YOU WILL WIN. This is something totally unheard of in the previous format due to mass Veiler effect, but if you open an identical hand to last format you are more likely to win that before.

TL;DR Inzecters are still very strong, very stupid. Lack of consistency nullified by slower format. Continuous derp still a possibility and more likely than before to suceed.

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