Saturday, 17 March 2012

Looking toward ASC'12

Yesterday was the Malaysian qualifyer, also the last one I think.

The representatives of each country were piloting these decks during their respective qualifyers.

Hong Kong - Dimension Laggia
Malaysia - Inzecter
Phillipines - Inzecter
South Korea - HERO Beat
Taiwan - Inzecter
Thailand - Ninja Laggia

Again, the insects are everywhere WTF, this is stupid. Representatives are allowed to change their decks but I doubt any of them other than the Korean who has to change his deck, cos he isn't allowed to use Airman or SHINING in the Asia format.

So to win you either hav to:
1. Play Inzecter
2. Play Laggia

LOL. At least with this information we can more or less figure put what to expect in Singapore.
80% Inzecter
15% Laggia varients
5% Everything else

Nah I'm exaggerating, but expect to see Inzecters everywhere, though personally I expect Rabbit Laggia to win. The type that sides Macro, not main it.

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