Thursday, 29 March 2012

More to look forward to at ASC'12

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week.

Been busy with my exams like Pohseng.

Quite shocked at my results, as I flunked my Chem, my best subject, yet got a B for my Bio, which I always had difficulty passing.

And I've been reading the Hunger Games trilogy too.

Anyway, fuck school and back to YGO.

After reading on FB today, I am more excited about ASC'12 than ever.

No, not cos I wanna scrub earlier is cos of another act of pure stupidity that our dear friend KFC aka Jay Wong and friends commited that has incurred the wrath of the community AGAIN, can't wait to see him and Chieflion roasted on a spit.

You'd think after being treated like trash on the forums, a scene which I tried really hard not to gloat over, that hooligan would hav learnt his lesson.

Clearly not.

Also, because I could not make it to be judge due to personal reasons, Lim Cheng Wee replaced me.

Oh God, why?

His idea of a Swiss is this:
2-0 : 3 point
2-1 : 2 point
1-2 : 1 point
0-2 : 0 point


Here's a scenario to show you how your filthy trash system that you use for your lame tournaments that to me are as good as gambling sessions is NOT Swiss.

In Swiss the rankings are based on wins.
Your filthy system looks like this:
3 win: 3 2-1s (6 points)
2 win: 2 2-0s 1 1-2 (7 points)

So you telling me the 2 win guy will rank higher than the 3 win guy. Yours is a childish point system which could be devised by a 10 year old who watches football.

If you are too lazy, or even worse, incapable of calculating a tiebreaker between like 10 people, you don't deserve to be a judge.

Can't wait for KFC next stunt to become everyone's friend. I think it's going to be better than anything we've ever seen.


  1. just call him to bring his lappy which every sp student needs to buy and download the swiss pairing programs damn it

  2. I thought you hate keyboard warriors? Why are you doing this lame shit.

    I got a few things to say:

    1) How we do the pairing system, does it deduct your lifespan?

    2) If you seemed to be unsatisfied with how Cheng Wee judge, you just keep quiet and go away. There is no need for you to stick around, pretend to be interested in the game and then give professional advice.

    3)For you info, you are not being sporty at all when you wrote this post, because you are around when Cheng Wee is doing the judging.You can just voice out your opinion and pick a quarrel with him there and then.

    4)Are you running out of ideas to innovate your blog so you decided to write this?

    zzxiaoboizz, thx for the advice. I don't know if you are suppoertive of w/e this Eustace wrote but from your tone. You sounded neutral, for that I thank you.

  3. Awwww man this is golden, just look at him sucking up to you Pohseng. Looks like he wants to be your friend.

    1. Got to admit, for once KFC makes sense. You have not address all his 4 question in your post. Damn it, can you just make a post to answer all his 4 question to shut him up!

    2. I'd like to see you live seeing him thrice a week and listening to his crap every single time. He doesn't tone it down ever. Then you'll realise all the points he stated above are his typical kapoosh.

    3. Ok, maybe not all makes sense....

      what abt "For you info, you are not being sporty at all when you wrote this post, because you are around when Cheng Wee is doing the judging.You can just voice out your opinion and pick a quarrel with him there and then."

      Are you really around at that time? Or he is just lying to gain people to agree with him on this point?

    4. So it's wrong to help sane people play better by telling them their mistakes? I don't hav any problem with his friends, they are normal people.

  4. And for everyone reading, this is KFC logic, Pohseng using terms like "just call him bring his lappy" and "damn it" is "neutral".

  5. the western fuckederation is a piece of shit. I knew this ever since i read their post about"how to be pro" I had stomach cramps after laughing so hard that day!

    1. The way they do their pairing is non of his business, by writing this blog post, he is obviously implying that "C'on people please beat me up". Better remove it b4 ant trouble comes along the way

    2. Then you my friend, hav KFC logic.

    3. Just avoid each other and all will be fine. You mind your business and he mind his business. End of childish nonsense from both of you!

    4. KFC mind his own business? What a sense of humour you have!

    5. He can be irksome at times, why let it bother you? Just let it go and forget it.

  6. How about the poster gets his facts right before he starts bombarding people with his "Truth Bombs"?

  7. You are absolutely right, scrah. Calling someone a hooligan totally makes your point legit.