Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Aftermath of Worlds

Jus met up with current World No.4 Wesley, and we had a little chat over his experience in Tokyo. It's all confidential, but after it all, I guess he left a better impression of Memoli and Winston.

Anyway, the cards in Japan, in case anyone who doesn't have a brain hasn't realised, are fucking cheap. Verz Ophion is worth about as much as toilet paper there.

Shiny toilet paper.

Anyway, I jus hav a new found respect for both Memoli and Winston, who've both taken alot of flak for whatever "wrongs" that they did. And anyway, for those with doubts over Memoli's sportsmanship, I can say Wesley has cleared all of mine, he speaks very highly of the Italian.

That is all.

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