Wednesday, 1 August 2012

As we await the new format

I dunno man, YGO has come to the point where, there's really nothing to talk about anymore.

It's all banlist predictions and shitty format declarations.

We could talk about Vanguard, but don't get me started on how so many people can't realise that in order to win you jus hav to build a deck that wins.

Really, I don't get why people play shit like Pendragon or Butterfly Man, and Megablasters in general bar CEO, Pacifica and Robert.

Jud build an MLB deck, without any insane tech, standard stable MLB and you can win without racking your brains or even sacking too much.

Ok I better end my Vanguard rant now.

Hope for a better September. The game's a wreck now.


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