Monday, 17 September 2012

How is the meta going?

IMO, Konami is doing what they usually do. They don't want to directly hit a power card so they attempt to make it ineffective. And it has worked.

Effect Veiler was like staple last format, you hav it or you get derped. Right now, it sees almost no play, Maxx "C" has taken over that Main Deck role.

Against current decks, Veiler only really KINDA hinders Agents. Ya that's it.

I think the increase in Maxx "C" play is kinda gross, I mean, it's supposed to be like, Oppression like, and it only really serves it purpose when you use decks that run OTK stoppers. It really can't replace Oppression.

Ya, biggest change would be Veiler so far, slowly traps are beginning to phase out a little, but definately more present than Sept '11.

And the only reason they cut it till DT03, is cos if they didn't, there'll be one guy whose deck will be called "Make Naturia Beast deck", shared staples, Agent take Royal Decree? Sounds good.

I wanted to go on saying that KFC is continuing to blow our "turf war" out of proportion as per usual, but ya, I'm actually interested in doing some testing with them. So ya, jus throwing it out there to get my inbox spammed.

And I MAY be going to Asia Plus, I dunno, I contacted the two buggers and it seems ok on Samuel's side, waiting for Dylan only. Library Exodia good meta call?

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