Saturday, 8 September 2012


I'm gonna try to be nice here.

People are unhappy that you allowed two rounds to go past time and 4 turns, causing the whole fiasco to end past 7.

People are unhappy that as a judge you left before the tourney ended. I'm glad you realised you have plans well guess what so do we.

I understand you were envisioning a "Double Elimination cut to Top 4 playoff" but what was announced was "Double Elimination" so follow that.

An example of an 11 man Double Elimination bracket can be found here.

It really is alot easier to understand that it looks. The mistake was evident since the first round, as the bracket shows only 4 active tables.

Finally, I am currently using a website that allows for simple Single Eli, Double Eli and Swiss Pairings. You have your iPad, I have made a reusable bracket for all three formats strictly for Econ tourneys. If you want, I can provide the URLs for them in person.

I'm just trying to make sure that if you carry on as the judge, you do your job right. I don't claim to be a bracket genius, if I were I would hav spotted the mistake in Round 1. All I do is bother to give everyone the fairest tourneys possible.


  1. You lose, complain. You win, complain. Your team mate do the judging, you complain. Someone else do judging, you complain. You judge, also complain. Perma complain!

    I think the other players are happier than yourself because they just want a nice clean duel with a nice prize in site.

    1. Perhaps they do, I suppose that's why I'm on a different level than them. And you for that matter.
      There were many people unhappy with how long the whole thing went, especially due to the judge not even setting a time limit. I have no qualms with people playing Empty Jar in tourneys, just remember than other people are also waiting for their pairings.

  2. Why there an extra 4 turns? Which duel was it?
    Which 2 rounds go pass time
    I do not want to misunderstand anyone. Please be specific

    1. Time was never called in round 2 and 3, allowing the Empty Jar to play out the entire match. Basically, the judge never even bothered to time, after round 1 which was 35 mins. The players at the other table at the opposite block were also uninformed that time was called at round 1. They were only told there was 1 minute remaining, and after that minute no action was taken from the judge or any of his dogs.... Ahem I mean assistants.

  3. Some players were thrown to the opposite block on the first round pair up
    Is it true?

    Who is the judge?

    1. I won't really blame anyone for that, there was a Vanguar tourney goin on and not enough tables.