Saturday, 29 September 2012

Six Sam taking Indy

I didn't think I would have to write this cos I saw the decklist and I was like meh.... Looks overteched.

Then I read like twenty million comments going on about wow great use of Ascestism OMG Enishi's a card, and people jus shocked as a whole that Six Sams are supposed to be played with that build.

I mean, I disagree with the Maxx "C" but Wind-Up ain't in my meta yet, but the comments seemed to imply that people never thought that Six Sams could be played with skill.

Mind you, the winning build wasn't exactly teched out for skillfulness, Maxx "C" is quite easy to throw.

And I read a comment that playing Maxx "C" without other hand traps is dumb. Well turd, it's exactly people like you the Maxx "C" is supposed to stop.

All in all, the build is fine, it looks NORMAL to me, teched out to counter their meta. As long as he doesn't draw some bullshit 4 monster hand w/o Maxx "C" and he's good it should work fine.

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