Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation

Now that HANZO Hiero has taken the Top 2 spots in Singapore, and people are quoting crazy high prices for HANZO, I thought that I'd clear up some ruling issues with Super Transformation. HANZO isn't that hard to understand, jus Veiler it.

"The effect targets 1 face-up "Ninja" monster you control and 1 face-up monster your opponent control."

This is easy enough to understand. Basically, the only problem you should get with this is people trying to target Set monsters on their opponent's side or their own set Ninja.

"This card cannot be activated in the Damage Step."

Damage Step? Activate? NO.

"The targeted monsters are sent to the Graveyard when the effect resolves."

Basically, as long as the effect or activation isn't negated, and the card stays face up on the field during its resoulution, both monsters go.

"If during the effect's resolution there are no Dragon, Dinosaur or Sea Serpant Type monsters in the Deck, the targeted momsters are still sent to the Graveyard."

This is abit confusing for those not too good with rulings. For clarification, you MUST hav a valid target(s) in the Deck for the effect upon ACTIVATION. However, if the target(s) are no longer in the Deck when the effect passes, then both monsters will still go. As the effect itself was not negated.

"Xyz Monsters cannot be targeted by Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation since they have no Level."

This includes the "Ninja" monster, so Blade Heart and No.12 cannot be Super Transformed.

"If during Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation's resolution 1 of the targeted monsters is removed from the field, the remaining monster is still sent to the Graveyard, and you can Special Summon a Dragon, Dinosaur or Sea Serpent Type monster whose Level is equal or lower to the monster sent to the Graveyard."

The first part is easy enough to understand. As long as effect or activation is not negated, monsters will go. Just note that Book of Moon will not stop monsters from going as they are still on the field. The second part is harder, the Level of the SP-ed mob must be equal or less than the monster(s) that were sent to Graveyard by effect. Hence, if only a HANZO was sent. Hiero will lose all their viable targets unless they run Geib. The rest of the Level 4s are trash.

"Even of Macro Cosmos if active, Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation can be activated. Also, if Macro Cosmos is active and Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation is activated, so that the targeted "Ninja" monster you control and the opponent's face-up monster are not sent to the Graveyard and are banished instead, a monster cannot be Special Summoned from the Deck."

So basically, the Level of the Special Summoned mob only takes into accout things sent to the Graveyard.

"When Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation is activated, it can target a Zoma the Spirit or Copy Knight that is being treated as a monster. Also, if Zoma the Spirit was sent to the Graveyard, it is not treated as a Monster Card but as a Trap Card., so it is not counted towards the sum of Levels. Furthurmore, Ninjutsu Art of Super Transformation can be activated targeting a Token monster, but when the Token monsters leaves the field it stops existing, and does mo count towards the total sum of Levels."

All in all, the Level count only takes those MONSTER CARDS that end up in the GRAVEYARD.

I hope that this helps to clarify and misconceptions of this card. It really can cause some really complicated scenarios.

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  1. Wished i took notice of these rulings before asia. Would have saved myself from a series of fail plays in game one of top four.