Saturday, 7 April 2012

Want to know more about Pokémon?

Since the blog has coverage of Vanguard, which we play, I think we should cover some of everyone's favourite childhood game.


Which we have been hacking and playing like free for the past week. Everyone that come Econ see us playing Pokémon instead of practicing for Asia. LOLGGSCRUB.

Just asking our readers if they actually care about our Pokémon strategies and ideas or not, cos if they do I might call a couple of my friends to write some articles.

After all, nothing much to talk about till REDU is really out.

So leave a comment about if you care about Pokémon or jus YGO. BTW, all our opinions are based on D/P as that's the only game our hacker has.

1 comment:

  1. pokemon is simply the best game ever created, nuff said XD