Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Today marked the arrival of REDU, which introduces the OOParts, Magical, H-C, Madolce and Geargia archetypes. Well not really Geargia since they had one piece of it made a long time ago.

Being the first pack of Series 8 it is expected to shape the meta like it's predecessors TDGS and DREV, while there are some interesting components of the new archetypes, none of them look to be more than Tier 2 as of yet.

Some highlights of the pack include of course the cover card and the new archetypes.

Looks to be extremely combo based, a dangerous thing to do in a format with two Torrentials. However, does not look to require to many traps and with level manipulation abilities can make some synchro plays as they do not hav the "cannot be used as Synchro material" condition.

Looks to the potentially the next Tier 1 deck. Revolving around the use of "Book of Magic" spells, the monsters itself boast 4 foils, including a toolbox and a boss mob, as well as a boss Exceed and a ???WTF Exceed. Odds of this topping are the highest IMO.

It jus kinda looks trashy.

Looks to be interesting, could start showing in the meta, although whether or not Konami will promote this deck is another question, as they do not rely on Exceeds.

Having one of the most hyped about boss Exceed due to its versatility, this deck seems to lack support but if you think about it Inzecters also simply took Hornet, Damsel, Centipede and Mantis to play in the beginning, expect more potential in future support to push this to Tier 1.

Rock support
Does not yet seem viable. Hard to tell, as they seem bent on milling and bringing out their boss mob, but it's a defensive mob, so perhaps more offensive support could give this deck a push up to at least Tier 2.

It's strong, nothing more needs to be said about a 4k beater.

Gear-Gigant Cross X
Splashable and makes teching a few Machina here and there viable. You can also search Proto Cyber to Fortress people (LOL)

God of Snow Capped Mountain
Alot of potential in this staller, extremely defensive. I like it.

OOParts Technology

Galaxy Queen's Light
Tech into Spellcasters to make Hairpn more viable.

Book of Magic cards
Only Grimore and Necromonicon are good, the other two are meh....

Compulsory Withdrawal Device
I think this is good, LOL.

Attitude Reversal
Doesn't destroy stuff, but buys the turn against Inzecters anyway.

Purgatory Trap Hole
Will they stop making shit that kills Shi'en? EDIT: Looks like can't kill Shi'en, who can negate the activation of this thing anyway. Negate activation = negate effect of effect negation. If you get what I mean.

That's about all I hav to say for now, may update soon.


  1. Even with Six Sam nerfed, it is still fcking boss. So of course they had throw a card to screw Shi-en up

  2. they should keep making cards to kill Shi en if he doesn't get banned.

  3. You fucking sure H-C looks trashy! You really are a short-sighted ass-hole. The XYZ H-C has potential and you can't even tell! Fail!

    1. If you even bothered to read, he did mention that Excalibur was strong. In any case,this is his personal opinion on the archtype, be glad that there is at least information for ungrateful people like you to refer to.

    2. Oh pls minus yourself to summon Excalibur every turn, trash me with all the H-C goodness. Or you could try winning one of WDF's tourneys, we all have to start somewhere.

    3. Will you stop dragging us to this! Seriously, we having our own tournament is nothing to do with you and will NEVER never have anything to do with you!

      As for your concept of book of spell. All of them are good. To me the best one is Torah Book of Spell. It is a cheap lance for spellcasters. Anything that has a similiar effect as lance is _l_.

      @anon: No need to be so uptight abt how he comment H-C is trashy. If you like H-C, just don't care how other people think of it. I am not gonna say whether it is good or bad. We had to see if H-C will be developed further or not. And maybe it is due to you being upset that you never see that the he did mention that Excalibur was strong.

      Maybe if H-C did really become good in near future(which I think you really hope for it), then you can say "At your face".

      However, if H-C is never really developed further, you can blend other archtype to it. Who says it needs to be pure H-C?

      Etc: You can try like Ninja or Six Sam. See if they are able to "marry" H-C and produce something interesting.

      Personal opinions anyway.

  4. lol eustace is mad cuz he cant be the judge a WDF tourney.