Saturday, 11 February 2012

LAS Team Lavalval Chain Tournament (11/2/12)

Team name: Asura Kaiser

Player 1: Sebas (HERO Beat)

Player 2: ME!!!! (Six Samurai)

Player 3: Wenliang (WWBF)

Day before tourney, Sebas tells me he has slot, I didn't really want to join cos I wanted to oversee the Vanguard tourney at Yew Tee but what the hell, burning $10 on a Saturday to play with good players sounded cool too.

Round 1 vs Team Putraaaaa (sorry dunno how many As)
Opponent: Vishal (Dark World)

Game 1 - Start first Kizan five backrow. His Raven got Demon Chained and his Gate got MST-ed twice. Managed to drop two Graphas in with two Dragged Down, but the first got Bottomless-ed followed by sheer beatdown I took te game.
Game 2 - He opened 4 backrow, I started with Kageki Yaichi, he only managed to get his Skill Drain after I cleared ALL his backrow, didn't attack for fear of DP or Mirror and I had no other monsters, after which I Acid Golem, got Mirror Forced, then afterwards drew into MST ..... Can't remember how but I got into a Beast and then MST the Skill Drain and GG.....
My MST forever come whenever I need it.
Team Result : OOO

Round 2 vs Team Aequus
Opponent: Shaunewbiez (AA, I dunno if got TG)

Game 1 - Drew no monsters and two United, but drew one Smoke Signal after my Enishi summon with one of the United, took Honourable Retiree and drew another two but no use cos I already normaled and he game me next turn.
Game 2 - Had some board presence early on, then he got Venus which I could not stop and slowly he got the upper hand with Gachi and Hyperion.
Team Result: XXO

Round 3 vs Team with Junqi, Gavin and Kaven
Opponent: Gavin (Cosmos Ragia)

Game 1 - I opened 3 backrow Zanji. He starting 2 MST, and hit my MST and Mirror Force. And I Booked his Rabbit LOL. He also Potted 2 Cosmos and a Dustshoot versus my 2 hand. Took the Cosmos and the next turn I herp derped over his backrow with 2 Kizans which baited out DP and Bottomless. He DP-ed the Zanji, so I normaled my Kagemusha and Barkion. He Cosmos-ed before that, but i has enough to negate one trap and he didn't really draw into anything useful and I ended forcing Warning with a Yaichi, winning from there.
Game 2 - Actually had some control after getting rid of 2 Ragias one with Eater the other with Demon Chain plus Compulse. He managed to get another Ragia out with Guaiba plus Lance on my Enishi with no ammo or other Six Sam then lost all the momentum from there.
Game 3 - Hit slowly with a Zanji and we made quite a few one for one exchanges and I came out on top with a Shi'en. But towards the end became a total pussy wussy and thought every set monster was an Eater when none of them were. Still grew the balls to finally kill after drawing a Kizan.
Team Result: XOX

Result: Died at 3rd round.
Well, I was quite pleased with my personal performance. Being the only Six Sam player at the venue, I think a 2-1 record shows that Six Sam is still playable and hopefully the new banlist will release a Smoke Signal perhaps. We won a playmat in lucky draw so YAAAAY, didn't lose all $30!!!!

Luckily no Inzecter player today to kill us all. But I have some issues with the loss to Agents cos I actually built my deck to beat them :p but what the hell.
Hope banlist hits them hard.

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