Saturday, 25 February 2012

What a day......

Still pissed off with Uncle, when I ask him to change prize he doesn't listen and when Wesley asks he does.

Tell him to pass me COMMON VANGUARD CARDS to do pairing he says NO cos those cards cost money. They don't. Apparently, he thought I was gonna draw on them. LOL, what am I, 4?

So with 14 people he tries to pair like it's some single eli, (double eli) but meh...
Decided to use the flimsy cardboard for Round 2 onwards although I would hav preferred Vanguard cards alot more, I believe it's fairer as there are clear markings on the cardboard and Uncle can take and bend it when he return to me and make me -.-......

Anyway, we were cutting to Top 8, so by math a 14 player three round double eli there would be one slot left after the third round. So in the end I manually counted tiebreaker for the 1 win guy who went up, now imagine if I hadn't been there........

Uncle: 现在是怎样?几个人?
Innocent Judge: 现在七个,还有一个。
Uncle: So怎么办?打多一圈啊?
And he'll complain about time lalalalaa..... Which wouldn't have been so much of an issue if he jus let me settle everything instead of geikiang but I will eventually have to forgive him if not I can everyday fly East side take cards liao sigh.....

Come to think of it, he'll probably say "所以现在 Top 8 一个 bye 啦!"
Realistically, I may have murdered him.

Congrats to Insane Tech YGO, whose three members took 4 of the Top 4 places.

WDF took 3 of the Top 8 and 1 Top 2 so well done to them. Peace.

As for the drama on the venue, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate being told how to do my job, especially by someone who has screwed it up before. So please, don't teach me how to do my job. I was trying to salvage a messed up pairing which could have been avoided if people jus listened to me, I really didn't need more interference.

Well, that's all from my part. All in all, I'm just pissed that my ideas of better prizes were treated like trash, as well as a better pairing system were all treated like trash and as a whole the bloody thing was no different from those single eli Vanguard tourney Uncle hosts all the time where the potential winners are already predetermined.

The Vanguard Scoreboard at Yew Tee has like, 4 names over 15 tournaments, plus 1 scrub he won a tourney when all the pros arrived late.

The last I checked, we are not scrubby Vanguard players who pay money to lose, or to have fun, hence we should not be treated as such. We can lose and have fun for free thanks.

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  1. Can always hire me to make a program for you that will do pairings computerized. Would really save the time and hassle.