Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Deck

- In our world, a star is a huge ball of flaming gas.

Well I've decided to begin every article with a quote from Eustace Scrubb of the Chronicles of Narnia. The article will be somewhat related to what Eustace says.

The reply given to Eustace was that in even in his world, that is not what a star is but only what it is made of. Likewise, so is a player's deck.

To any layman who has never touched a TCG, a deck is simply a pile of cards, put together to win locals, nationals and all that jazz. However, seasoned players will tell you differently.

A deck is a projection of a player's mentality, vision, and ability. It is easy to jumble 40 cards together, but difficult to make them actually work. An example I can take is back in the Junk Doppel days, both me and Wesley ran EXTREMELY DIFFERENT builds yet both builds were able to give us the desired results.

Netdecking is not wrong, complaining about a netdeck is, saying shit like how the fuck did he win YCS with this jank is an insult to the player and not the deck. He chose to put these 40 cards together in this way, by questioning it you are questioning his ability so what right do you have to netdeck him. Ofc, when looking at your average champion decklist, there are bound to be points that you disagree with. If there are, change them on the spot. For example, I don't side Macro in my Six Sams cos it constricts the United. So everytime I see Macro in the side I will not even bother to look at it when trying to find inspiration for side decking. Does this make Macro bad in Sams? Er.... To me, yes. To the majority of Sams players in the world, no.

I don't believe in the whole heart of the cards shit, so I will choose to play stuff that increase the probability of drawing stuff to shift the game in my favour. On the other hand, my shinjitae polar opposite would rather have more big plays present in his deck, and all he needs to do is believe which he is already very good at.

A good example would be in Bottomless Trap Hole. I know Bottomless will help in disruption as well as mantaining board control. It can also be the shittest top deck in the world. Being a more careful player, one may think that playing one copy would balance out the pros and cons, or none as the cons outweigh the pros.

The deck is a sacred object and is supposed to be unique to every player, make sure you don't ever play stuff just cos the pros played it, or someone told you to, but because you really like it and is comfortable with it. The deck should be a representation of you and no one else.

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  1. Very good post. Its pretty hard for certain set of players to accept net-decking, however, what they fail to see is the knowledge analyzing another person's deck in hopes of making the right choices for you when building the same deck. People generally apply the wrong mindset when it comes to net-decking. Again, good post.