Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Long overdue update on the blog has been done, I've added many more blogs to the blog list, please do check out Putra Noob YGO cos is Putra and Keith's blog as well.

I have decided to implement the comment moderation to stop haters from hating, does not mean if you disagree with what I say it won't be approved but if you choose to talk garbage LOL joke's on you. Many other blogs are doing this anyway so I don't see why not.

Also, planning to create a Twitter account in the near future. Don't know why could be cause all the girls in my class tell me to.

As for the WCQ analysis shit that everyone else is doing, Inzecter damnit, jus play them and win. 


  1. Thanks for helping me advertise.

    1. No Putra, thank you for letting me help you advertise.