Friday, 25 May 2012

Marymount Tourney Report 25/5/12

-Better than nothing though. Can we get up to it?

Number of participants:

Deck used: Ascestism Six Samurai

Round 1 vs Jon (Dark World) XOO
Game 1 - He sets one and ends, I didn't attempt to first turn Shi'en since I dunno what he playing. He ends up Card D-ing me next turn so I lose LOL.
Game 2 - I open Shi'en with protection so I win.
Game 3 - I open Beast, and Night Shot his Skill Drain. And Compulse his Trance Daemon. That's basically all I did.

Round 2 vs Amo (Laval) XOO
Game 1 - He threw his whole hand to open Stanon. I threw abit back to get rid of it. He Rekindling twice after te first got Warning and I was fucked by a Gemknight Parl RAWR.
Game 2 - He opens poorly, after his Raiou goes I Reborn it to stop his Pot and any big play, drop Maxx "C" on his Rekindling, and he SPs 3 times to get his Black Rose out, Mind Crushing after that to call Smoke Signal, which missed. This left him almost naked and I went it right after.
Game 3 - He drew alot of Spell and I made Beast.

Round 3 vs Da Tou (HERO Beat) OO
Game 1 - He drew no monsters so jus beat. Nv show me what deck he play. Zzzz....
Game 2 - When kinda back and forth till he try to Spark my Shi'en which I divert with my Kagemusha. He then Compulse when I going for final blow and I negate LOL.

Round 4 vs Daniel (HERO Beat) ???
I let him win cos he got people to pull.

Swiss Ranking: 3rd I think
Proceed to Top 8

Top 8 vs Amo (Laval) OO
Game 1 - I start first this time and I heard first turn Shi'en is good.
Game 2 - He drew very badly having to Thunder Break my GM to keep his Raiou alive which still died after I Ascestism on Kizan. I make Brio about Turn 4 hoping no Veiler Gorz or Trago and really don't have any.

Top 4 vs William (HERO Beat) XOO
Game 1 - I go second and I heard that drawing jank is bad. You know you're fucked when you set Kageki.
Game 2 - I open Shi'en with protection and I heard that was good.
Game 3 - He gets Stormed 3 cards but chains Spark and HERO Blast to it to minimise loses so in the end is jus a MST. I make Shi'en and hold it and he jumps Trago but it attacks into my DP and I jus beat already.

Top 2 vs Calvin (Arrive HERO) OXX
Game 1 - I opened Shi'en and Maga his Storm and let MST pass, negate Future he HERO Arrive and I'm like this is bad, but he has no Miracle so I next turn Normal Enishi to bounce his Parl who attacked my Kizan and swing for game.
Game 2 - Drawing bullshit is bad when your opponent wants to kill you.
Game 3 - Made a Turn 2 Beast but made a mistake in attacking into Gorz and lose from there. He told me his hand was 5 Spell plus Gorz, maybe should have waited.

Result: 2nd
Prize: Atum

Actually I seriously considered taking the Miracle Contact cos I heard that someone bought it for $50 but personally after much thought I think that's ridiculous. Glad to get 2nd as my initial aim was only Top 4, but abit sian couldn't win my 2nd Chain.... Still quite pleased with today's performance and really the side deck is so damn dog cos SG meta is so diverse but when half the Top 8 is HERO, I think my Puppet Plants are staying. Really regret siding the 2nd Chain D though I'm pretty sure I'm taking it out.

Six Samurai engine is so damn big is annoying I wish they would just ban Gateway so I can take it out same reason they should ban Reborn. Anyway, for those looking for Six Samurai stuff, my advice is to wait for Kizan reprint in TCG deck cos foil Kizans always CLUMP. There hasn't been a day that my Kizans haven't clumped and that is FUCKING annoying, CLUMPED KIZANS AND A ZANJI OMG. I would play common Kizans if they existed in Jap. Stop CLUMPING.

BTW, anyone who hasn't read LFN's new post on Konami's reasoning for the banlist, should go have a look. It's a great read, and while I don't hate the banlist as much as before, I think that they are being full of shit.

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