Thursday, 3 May 2012


There has never been a better time to play Gadget. They are affordable, basic in concept and reward skill in both deck build (aggro or control) and timing your traps and pushes well.

Geargianto X has really proven its worth quickly, adding so much advantage to the deck you'll be hard pressed not to use it. Really it has been this solo card that has allowed Gadget to climb the ranks to a pseudo Tier 1 status now.

After that surprise win by the Gadget deck in a big player tournament, many players have taken a sudden interest in Gadgets. Personally, I prefer the 3rd place build myself, but there is a reason why the guy won 1st, and that is the deck's aggression, simply put, it could pull off one turn big plays like Hiero WITH FEWER CARDS, whilst not totally resigned to Car farming and waiting when they can't. Inzecters also usually don't respond well to bug damage dropped on them, and considering they plus all the way, the Hornet plays won't make them lose that much.

There's still one thing I don't like about the decklists though, it's all those Thunder Breaks, even with all the advantage, Gadgets are still -1 off Break, unlike Inzecter and sometimes Hiero, unless you throwing Fortress, which is kinda a loss too.

The best part of the deck IMO though, is being able to run 3 Compulse, and anyone not doing so should start. Compulse too gay.

While all this cool, I'm not gonna be running Gadgets, cos I sold most of my stuff lol wth. Damn.

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