Thursday, 10 May 2012

Over/Undercommitting Part 2 & DE01/02

While overcommitting is commonly heard, undercommitting is has a much lower profile than its counterpart. It is equally dangerous, as most players can tell if they have overcommitted, but rarely know if they undercommitted without finding out their opponent's set cards.

Furthurmore, with farming cards like Card Car D now, and OTK boards from both Hiero and Zecter easy to come by, giving your opponent one turn to live could be devastating.

The player going second tends to undercommit against a heavy backrow when faced without removal. While this is good, often the player finds himself not willing to commit to plays that can be stopped by multiple cards. As this carries on in the game, the player will eventually end up losing whilst doing nothing.

Not going into a heavy backrow without removal is common sense. However, this usually means you opened an extemsly agressive hand. In that way, you could invest a couple of turns tops to pull that Storm, after that, just commit. For the simple logic that if you don't, you're going to lose anyway.

Another time undercommitting is seen, is when the OTK board presents itself, against a deck like Hiero or Zecter and their backrow is a couple of cards, and their first Torrential is in, you should jus go for it. Even if there is a Torrential, the Hiero guy would hav jus killed you anyway, and the Zecter guy wouldn't lose much if he Torrential-ed after coming out a Damsel Centipede.

Lastly, when opening with a backrow hand in decks like Rabbit, jus set them all. Even if you get Stormed only two cards, you effectively lost two cards and a turn, putting you in a severe deficeit anyway. Setting 5 when your opponent knows what you are playing will show them that you are confident the backrow will stay. And they'll all be wary of Starlight Road.

And DE01/02 is out!!
For a box of only 12 boosters there are 6 foils that's a damn high ratio! I've opened more foils there than I have in my life. Anyway some cool foils in there:
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai
Dark Armed Dragon
Super Polymerisation
Future Fusion
E-HERO Neos Alius

And with many foils and reprints like RARE Dark Mirrors and Electric Viruses I think it's kinda cool.

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