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Full Yen Tourney Report 07/01/12

After being on a hiatus for quite some time due to work and other matters, i went to join the ranking tourney at Full Yen today. There was very little participants today so we started with only 11 people. But after the pairings are out, a group of people wanted to join (namely SP YGO or whatever their team name is now). No offense, just doing a narrative here. Sadly, the group of people who came late are thus unable to join. I wasn't lucky so i didn't get a BYE. First round against Wesley summore.

No. of participants : 11 (or so i think)

Deck used: Junk Doppel

Round 1: Wesley (Junk Doppel)

Game 1: I farmed faster than him (maybe because i'm too used to playing carrying roles in DotA). He wanted to start his stun but i maxx c him and that made him stop his plan to start the stun. Won due to imba mill of dandy and spore and i had an unfriendly field of Synchros + DAD.

Game 2: I remembered i had face up attack position ryko and 2 dandy tokens thanks to my imba mill and he summoned a Crimson Blader (SO UNFRIENDLY!) He destroyed the ryko and i'm fucked for my next turn, or so i thought. Checked with him that Crimson Blader must destroy a monster and send it to the graveyard for its effect to activate. so face up tokens are kinda safe. But i next turn summon Junk Synchron and pulled a level 1 tuner. Synchro-ed for Formula Synchron and Arms Aid. End turn. Next turn he entered Main Phase then i immediately synchro for Orient Dragon (Thanks Luke!). Wesley was takeen aback, heh! Turned the tides to my favour. Had a really nice hand of BLS + CS but when i Avarice, i put back all my dark targets in the grave. Wesley then came back from hell (quoting him) and he made a comeback. His trishula RFG my Gorz in my hand. T.T A HUGE MISPLAY costs me the second game.

Game 3: I had a much better hand than him and i attacked him with DAD in the game (First blood). It's important as we were already dragging into time since the beginning. His next turn he didn't do much and he set a monster facedown. My last turn, i used DAD effect to destroy the monster and it turned out to be a sangan. He searched Battle Fader (OMFG) and i used my DAD to come out Trishula, hoping for a game even though i was in a much more comfortable position than him as my lifepoints were left untouched at that moment. Didn't manage to RFG his Fader so he dropped it and i couldn't do anything so i end turn. Last and final turn, meaning also him last Battle Phase. He had quite a handful of resources but he told me that if i showed him a Gorz he will scrub, And so i showed him my Gorz, Tragoedia, and my facedown Scapegoat. So i win by having more lifepoints. Sorry Wesley. It was a fun game and it really made me think a lot as i became rather rusty by not touching my deck for like 2weeks + or so.

There was a moment where i summoned Quasar in Game 3 but it got PWWB and i negated it but he had Veiler. He actually played 3 Veilers. Saw 2 Veilers in the grave and thought that he couldn't possibly play 3. Wesley never fails to surprise.

My reaction was like "YES I WIN WESLEY!"

Game result: OXO

Thought my new round opponent would be friendlier, but guess what? Next opponent turns out to be Poh Seng. Zzz...

Round 2: Poh Seng (WWBF)

Game 1: Set a ryko and end. He summoned Cyber Dragon and Shura. Shura attacked and i destroyed Shura. Ate 2100 LP. My ryko mill was nice and i had an imba mill such as spore etc. Somehow got rid of Cyber with BLS and Jain (yes i play Jain, the Lightsworn Warrior, cause i'm too poor to afford Lyla even though it was reprinted in the new Structure Deck) and dealt a lot of damage to Poh Seng such that he was left with 3k LP. I also had a BLS on my field. He destroyed my field and he summoned Brionac to bounce Jain and he came out DAD and monster reborned my BLS. Luckily for me i had Gorz in my hand and that prevented me from an OTK and i was left with dangerously low LP. Next turn i thought for quite sometime and i managed to win with him having BLS, DAD and Brionac by making a Librarian and a Arms Aid. Arms Aid was made using Formula + TG Dragonfly. And that constitutes to me having a huge handsize. Arms Aid equipped on Librarian dealt 3.4k LP which was enough to end the Game.

Game 2: He went first again but with no monsters. I set a card and end. He Sirocco me and attacked me. I forgot what came after but i remembered than during my turn, i summoned BLS after my Battle Phase and i just kept RFG whatever monster he set. And from the first monster i RFG which turns out to be Blizzard, i deduced that he had a really poor hand. Just plain Beatdown from there onwards won me the Game.

Game result: OO-

Round 3: ??? (???)

Game 1: I started with an opening hand of Dandylion and Lonefire. Set Lonefire and ended my turn, He summoned Snipe Hunter and i was like WTF MY LONEFIRE NOOOOO!!! He used Sniper effect and discarded Quiltbolt Hedgehog but unfortunately rolled a 1 (thanks to my chanting heh) He then proceed to set a card and end turn. I proceeded to do the Lonefire and Dandylion thing and gained HUGE advantage from there onwards and ended the game. I had MST the facedown and it turns out to be Gravity Bind.

Game 2: He didn't side deck so let's not waste time and we quickly proceeded to Game 2. He started first and he set a monster. I ryko destroyed his monster 2 turns later and proceeded to Quasar him when he had an empty field.

Game result: OO-

Round 4 (Finals)

Ying Jun (Windup Insectzers)

Game 1: I set ryko and end turn. He Damsel and Hornet me and Damsel effect summoned Centipede from deck. I dropped Maxx C to plus. He attacked and i jumped Tragoedia. My hand size quite huge so he proceed to Main Phase 2 to destroy Tragoedia and added Damsel to his hand. I then prompt him to overlay to which he did. So i told him i draw a card due to Maxx C's effect and he stare at me and pointed his longest finger at me. YINGJUN WHY YOU SO UNFRIENDLY!? My turn i summon Lonefire and i had Foolish Burial to which i can summon Black Rose to gain huge advantage but he PWWB my Lonefire and i had no response. He then proceed to rape me during his turn. i had no hand, no field and a Lonefire that is at the top of my deck. 3M SCOTCH BRITE LOR.

Game 2: We went passive for many turns. No one did any stuns or whatever. Just waiting for the other player to start their combo. I managed to summon Tragoedia with very high Att points but he got rid of it. He then set up his field. I Black Rose him for plus-es. I then did major damage to him till he was left with 800LP while i have 4900LP. He then clear my field and came out Revise Dragon. He attacked my monster and ended. I summoned Card Trooper and milled 3 cards and rammed it into his Revise. Took 600 damage and drew into a card. I was left with 4300LP. He tried to rush and kill me but he couldn't. Was left with 200LP. Drew into BLS and everyone was like WAHHHH so Ying Jun just flip his facedown Solemn Judgment to show me that he had response to whatever i have. But i doubt that he had a response to Lava Golem that i had in my hand since my first draw. Burnt that last bit of his LP and won the Game. Thanks Wesley for this secret tech.

Game 3: He went first. Even though it was time but we decided to ignore the time rule and just played right through the end. And he was ok so ok lor. He slowly farm and end. I drew a card and he Trap Dustshoot me. My hand of Jain, Gorz, CS, Creature Swap, Call of the Haunted and some other Spell card was seen by him. Unfriendliness level MAX! He returned Jain. I end turn. He next turn attacked me and i jumped Gorz. He then proceed to come out No. 30 Acid Golem of Destruction. I summoned Card Gunner and milled 3 cards. No Imba mill. Creature swapped Gorz token of only 1k att with his Acid Golem and i attacked him. He jumped Gorz when my Gorz attacked. A battle of Gorz-es huh? Slowly punched him with Acid Golem and he was left with 1k LP when i destroyed his Sangan twice as he had COTH it back again. So 1 damsel and 1 hornet. (He actually had a hornet but it was an exceed material for Acid Golem in which i didn't remove  and that i paid 2k LP to maintain it for.) I had COTH and Wild Tornado (Yea, that's right!) set facedown. His hornet destroy Wild Tornado. So Tornado chain 1. Damsel Special Summoned Centipede in which my Tornado destroyed. He was left with no hand and only a Att position Damsel which i just ram over and won the game.

Game result: XOO

Overall Tourney Result: 1st with 4 wins.

Yay my ranking go up. But go up also no use. Going to serve my country real soon.

I just wanna say that it's really fun to get back in touch with YGO again and that i was so glad i brought along my Junk Doppel instead of my Agents.


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