Sunday, 8 January 2012


Just watched a few of those banlist predictions done by Americans who think they know everything but actually they know shit. Crap that I've heard:
1. Leviair banned cos it's "imba herp derp"
2. Grapha limited, cos it's WAAAY too good a card.
3. If they ban Sangan, Witch will SURELY come back. (This was the most WTF to me)
4. Kristya banned, cos it shuts down all engines. And I thought I hated Kristya.
5. Necro Gardna to 3. Wait WHAT?
6. WHY IS DEWLOREN SEMI? LOL! Good question.
7. Every single list hits Hyperion!
8. One guy banned Shi'en, that really pissed me off. How does that even make sense it's so easy to play around him now.
For any TCG players reading this:
1. SD foils NEVER get hit. People were raping with Machina during mid 2010 but they were not even touched at ALL.
2. Inzecter will probably not get hit, well maybe they will cos TCG getting them earlier, but it won't be a full force hit.
3. Trap Dustshoot will stay at 1.
4. BLS will stay at 1.
5. Lonefire will stay at 1.
6. Damn it GS cards won't get hit.
7. The YGO market in Asia got hit quite bad by an up and coming TCG known as Vanguard, so apparantly Konami wants to keep its players happy.
But what about all that imba herp derp?
Konami will find a way to get us to stop playing Agents and Dark World, without hitting the foils in the deck. This could include hitting certain techs used in the decks or giving other decks stuff to kill them with. Notice how the Machina craze died down after Sept'10 list?
That said, the most logical way to hit Agent is to hit Hyperion, but I really don't see that coming just as the most logical way to hit Machina was hitting Gearframe. As for the Inzecter, hope they get hit even Damsel to 1 is good enough. But like I said, can say with 90% confidence that it won't happen. That said my banlist predictions will be out during the middle of the month so do stay tuned!


  1. I say boy, I say. Are you asking for a beating! Opinions ya know. Do ya have a problem!

  2. Those people are not making a banlist what they do is pure card hating, neither Grapha nor Hyperion are getting hit period.

  3. My hundreds of pieces of gold Crush Card Virus would like to have a word with you!