Monday, 16 January 2012

Puppet Plant vs Kinetic Soldier

Now Bubbleman Beat is considered imba, LOL, people will start siding against HERO again. So when we think of HERO, what else do we think of other than ofc, Snowman Eater?

We think of anti Warrior bullshit! The two most famous anti Warrior bullshit are Kinetic Soldier and Puppet Plant so let's do a comparision.

Kinetic Soldier
-Defensive card
-Forces the Spark or the Super Poly
-Lvl 3 (all Lvl 3s are imba)
-Extremely disruptive in the early game
-Dies to counter pumped Breaker
-Can be HERO Blast-ed

Puppet Plant
-Take opponent's Blade Heart to OTK
-Forces the Spark
-Can take control of Breaker
-Can't be HERO Blast-ed (usually)
-Lvl 3
-May not dodge the Super Poly
-Effectively a -1 at end turn
-May be ineffective due to HERO's low mob counts

My personal preference is Puppet Plant cos Brain Control is banned for a reason xP, the only real concern is Super Poly or Compulse. I find Kinetic Soldier leaving your opponent being able to control the outcome, but with Puppet Plant, you could possibly end the game that turn.

And I found this:
No. 15 Gimmick Puppet - Giant Killer 「No.15 ギミック・パペット-ジャイアントキラー」
(???)/(???) - Xyz - Effect/Rank 8/1500/2500
2x Level 8 Monster
Effect unconfirmed: Activate by removing 1 Xyz Material from this card. Destroy all Xyz Monster your opponent controls, and inflict Damage to your opponent equal to their total ATK.

Yaaaay, Grapha too imba already. Come out Acid Golem, lose the game. Also it doesn't say once per turn, so could get rid of Zenmaines if you have something to run over it. And your opponent will take 3000k AND you'll have 2 Grapha in the grave. You could get over Gachi too but what's the point?

I know it's unconfirmed people, just saying.


  1. Eff unconfirmed. So uptight for what?

  2. Gosh if this is uptight to you, you won't like it when I finally see your face.

  3. Gosh, if it is that imba.I can just quit Yu-gi-oh! Just hope that the eff is not true