Sunday, 8 January 2012

Royal Oppression will not get unbanned

First day of school for me and life sucks already. I hate school. I'm sure Pohseng will say the same so anyone planning to go JC, don't LOL. Anyway getting back to the topic.

Special Summoning is a problem in the meta, not just our meta, but the TCG meta. You know what? ESPECIALLY the TCG meta. Kristya is also a bitch that deserves to get banned, so she can't be the solution to all the SP summoning now can she?

So ofc every thinks of everyone's most favourite anti SP card which of course, is Oppression. I must admit I used to hate Oppression and I didn't even play it in my BF but now, looking back at the format without Oppression, it really is sorely needed to stop some of the bullshit that some decks do, Maxx "C" isn't very helpful if your opponent's going to kill you that turn.

HOWEVER, I say Oppression isn't coming back for one one simple reason.

They so OP now, can you imagine giving them an Oppression? Which btw, unless you're like retarded they can abuse the Oppression like free. God damn those insects can tech ANYTHING. Unless what people say is true, that TCG are getting ORCS early just so we can hit Inzecters, I don't see Oppression getting unbanned anytime soon.

Don't get me wrong, I wan Oppression back in the game. I just dunwan to be forced to play an auto pilot deck to have my games within my control, cos the losses I have against Inzecter, I had no say in them period, and I have questioned my deck building and all that and really the only reason I lost is cos good pilot good deck.

I know what people are saying that Inzecters will get hit but I still think it's extremely unlikely and even if they do then giving them the Oppression will just make them imba again. So either way the bugs are here to stay.

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  1. I say boy! I say! If dragonfly got limit, oppression had a huge ass chance back to 1 ya know.