Monday, 2 January 2012

TGAA vs InzectorAA

There was a comment on the TGAA vs Inzector post that I made to compare these two decks so I talk about InzectorAA from what I heard of it, having never seen it played LOL.

First let's compare the size of the engines
TGAA: 6 cards, maybe 7 ( Striker, Wolf and maybe 1 Rhino)
InzectorAA: 13 cards ( Damsel, Hornet, Centibeet, Imitation, Foolish Burial)

As shown above, the TGAA is half the size of the Inzector engine, which is a significant factor to consider in terms of consistency.

HOWEVER, TGAA engine also allows players several different tech options which would not be as viable in InzectorAA, mainly Creature Swap, RotA, Junk Synchron, Elder of SS, Tragoedia etc. So in theory, the TGAA engine size is not the only consideration we have to make.

Now let's look at the way the decks aim to win.
TGAA tends to go for early build up play with Venus and the T.G cards to produce big beaters via Synchro and Exceed.
InzectorAA like to go for early board, and win later via plusing when the opponent begins to commit to the field.

And the one thing I believe that sets the two apart is their OPENING
Strongest opening in TGAA is Venus double Ball Gachi.
Strongest opening in InzectorAA has a Gachi and a Revise AND a plus 2.

As shown, InzectorAA has the ability to open WAAAAAY better than TGAA, and the ability to thin the deck with just a Venus and Insect Imitation makes the deck's engine size less of a problem. The REAL problem is drawing all Inzector, which in theory is worse off than drawing all TG.

More importantly though, is InzectorAA clears the board to allow the boss mobs to come down safely, an issue that TGAA has always had with the Warnings and Bottomless. Because you can't Bottomless a Damsel!

So when comparing the two, the engine size may put InzectorAA players off, cos it's HUGE, it's a quarter of your deck. However it is a strong deck that if lucky, you can hide the Inzector OR the AA portion from your opponent in Game 1 and still win, and really, what side deck stops BOTH, other than Macro :P

In conclusion though, the one that LANDS the Hyperion first will probably win cos Hyperion is IMBA. InzectorAA clearly have it easier in this department, with their free backrow removal, and considering Insect Imitation, Centibeet, Foolish Burial, I think that InzectorAA can thin their deck faster to reach those Hyperion.


  1. Just a question, Is it possible to introduce a bit of T.G. engine to an inzector deck? With InzectorAA ,is it possible to throw in a BigLongSword as well?

  2. Er.. I don't think the T.G would be very good in the InzectorAA because the Inzector engine is too big, but having it would allow more option for synchro so maybe it'll work but personally I'd doubt it. As for BigLongSword, I think it's a given to play him LOL in both variation, more so for InzectorAA.