Saturday, 31 December 2011

Inzector or TGAA? Which one stronger?

First and foremost everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! To celebrate, I'm writing an extremely boring article! Hope you enjoy it.

Ok so right now in Japan you win is either TGAA or Inzectors. And many have gone around calling Inzectors imba, OP, cheap which they are minus Pot, and then they'll be cheap after GS2012, but how is it that TGAA can still win?

Quite simply, it's because TGAA can keep up with those +1s with the TG engine. Furthurmore, both decks suffer from consistency issues, however TGAA has much stronger deck thining capabilities. Should both decks start with a shitty hand, TGAA has a higher chance of coming back, unless is BOLA hand.

Last but not least, which I feel is why TGAA is still WAAAAY better than Inzector, is cos they can OTK WAAAAY easier than Inzector can. Pheonix is like a Dark Dive Bomber for them, and Inzectors only viable OTK 8000 board requires them to shoot their own Mantis or Weevil which are run in 1s or at most 2s. TGAA are playing 3 bloody Hyperions! Hence TGAA can end games by Turn 3 even with 2 balls in hand if everything else is God and Inzector tend to have to rely on those +1 to carry them to victory, is like why AM is a better carry than FV. Although FV is the strongest late game hero.

Also, I was trying to find out how much the Magi Magi Girl thingy was worth, and look what I found.

LIGHT / Fairy / 4
ONCE PER TURN, you can select 1 DRAGON monster in your opponent's Grave and SP it. Your opponent cannot select another Fairy as attack target.

It was reprinted in SD20 and the world probably doesn't even know it exsist. Free REDMD anyone? Side against Dragons, which are seeing more and more play recently. Although I still think that it really isn't any good, despite losing to it :(


  1. Can you make an article on "TGAA vs InzectorAA?"

  2. Can you Post videos of tourney matches and deck reviews? It would be more interesting to see a duel between these 2 archetypes.

  3. @ anon 1 er.... Ok I need to see InzectorAA played more before I can do that though cos all I got from it is from reading reports so may test it out myself.
    @ anon 2 we not sure if we should make be making vids yet cos they take forever to upload, will see as we go along.