Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Banlist Talk - Gadgets

With the introduction of Geargianto X into the game, as well as good generic Rank 4 Exceeds, Gadgets have propelled themselves back into the meta with both hyper agressive and slow control playstyles. Consistent advantage flow coupled with the stupid card called Offering has given Gadget near free reign in this format of little summon negation bar Warning.

So powerful is the deck that Offering Machina Gadget a.k.a OMG managed several showings in the top of Japan's nationals, and it's agressivness did well to combat the set up plays of other meta decks. Taking advantage of the need to farm for most of them, OMG was able to press a ton of damage on the board, whilst mantaining advantage at the same time.

While the control playstyle of the deck has had less success, it is also a solid deck that took a hard hit as their key removal cards such as D.Prison and Smashing Ground have lost potentcy over time. Nonetheless, the deck is still more than capable of controlling any meta deck, and can tech into almost any anti-meta card.

As a whole, Gadget cards are balanced, Geargianto X is balanced and so are the Exceeds they go into. What isn't balanced is Offering as well as Limit Break, which simply gives them too much OTK potential as they are both near impossible to stop cards despite being easy to read.

Final verdict: The success of OMG will spell it's doom, Offering to be banned. Simply ridiculous.

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