Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Banlist Talk - Inzecters

Obviously the Tier 1 deck of choice the last format and a half, Inzecters are obviously on most (not everyone's, some TCG find it BALANCED O.o) people's banlists.

The standard plays of both builds (CardCar and Trooper) are to farm the pieces needed for TOTAL
HAVOC!! After which they continuously build advantage with small plays.

The only real big plays in the deck come from extensive use of Damsel effect. The mobs vommited aren't very big, but the ability to utilise Hornet make them a pain. Even if they don't kill you, you really can't commit anything if you can't clear their board.

The balance of the deck comes from how easy it is to counter their plays, Effect Veiler, Macro Cosmos all work well, as well as the deck's reliance on effects going off, Skill Drain also does the trick. The monsters in the deck are not particularly big as well, furthur making use of Skill Drain's power.

The big talk has been of either Hornet or Damsel, and in my honest opinion, the deck will prolly retain Tier 1 status somehow. Similar to BF, the card everyone predicted was Gale, likewise majority of the players are calling for Damsel. I find any arguement that hitting Damsel to 1 will kill the deck invalid TBH, cos you really only need to loop once, and most OTKs involve Damsel as the main engine.

Final verdict: Damsel to 1, Hornet to remain untouched. If Hornet gets hit it should be 0 anyway, as it is really too easy to filter out with so many deck thinning capabilities.

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