Monday, 23 July 2012

Compulse is limit worthy

I dunno why trolls can't seem to understand that Spiral Gate essentially has the same effect as Compulse.

Anyway, anyone which is not in denial will know that Compulse is splashed everywhere it can and is a good, maybe not the best, removal card.

So it deserves to get limited.

And Yoong Kang, let's play a children's card game that you think you can beat me at! Kettou da!

That is all.



  1. Why all the hatred? Can't we all get along in peace? Also I disagree here somewhat because in this monster spamming era compulse is a god send at times and unless the game changes heavily in September limiting compulse would be a bad idea in my opinion. Though I have to admit getting my shining compulsed sucks ass <_<

    1. Everything would be have been fine if KFC didn't say a word. Same mistake as his teacher Cheiflion.
      Anyway, Compulse is overplayed, being good disruption and sometimes a combo enabler with cards like Airman, Kizan and the occasional Dark Arm saves. While I agree that it keeps up with the monster vomit we are experiencing now, it does give a rather uncalled for advantage sometimes, and winning with it simply isn't good play anymore when there's 3, similar to MST. Compulse is being played simply because people are running out of ideas what to splash, and this has been a problem for the card since Trunade formats, where I splashed one in cos I really didn't know what else to put, only that the problem is showing now.

    2. @Putra.
      I am not saying Eustace banlist sucks or shit.
      People got their own opinions but using spiral gate as a justification on why he thinks compluse is to be limited is stupid.

      Who cares if they essentially have the same effect. Different game, different mechanics.

  2. I am just saying your justification is weak that is all!

    How can one compare cards of two different card games? They do not have a "common base" such as winning conditions, ways to win?

    If you were to kick up a fuss like that. It shows you are so unconfident of this so-called banlist that you predict. If that is the case why bother posting?

    1. Lol, unconfident? I think you know me long enough to know that is something I am not. Let's put it this way, I didn't say shit about your Pulsar post, which in itself was shit, because the reason Pulsar is in C Dragon is not cos of REDMD, but cos IT IS a C Dragon. So let's not hear no more nonsense about how you understand DM more than me, when the first example you pull out of the air involves BDD.

  3. Why do you guys even bring DM into the topic lol? DM is such an awesome game!