Sunday, 15 July 2012

Banlist Talk - Laval

Although the deck has seen alot less play in the second half of the format, the only exsisting Tier 1 Synchro deck does not spell well for the "BAN ALL THE SYNCHRO DECKS" movement Konami was initiating previously. Though recent signs have been showing that they want to try and push Synchros slighty, the explosiveness of the deck and it's balance is questionable.

The standard plays of the deck, as of every deck this format, is to farm till they feed their grave with Lavals to Rekindle. WTF man, every deck this format opens with OTK or farming. Anw, the ability to farm with jus one card (Sweltering Field) allows Pot for greater consistency.

Big plays of the deck could lead to OTK and/or a control board of Librarian and Scrap. Sooooo, Rekindling is clearly the problem card. Damn it I lazy to think of intelligent stuff to say.

Final verdict: Konami may not straight up kill the deck. Rekindling and Sweltering Field both to Semi.

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