Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Banlist Talk - Six Samurai

Six Samurai has slipped down the ladder since its initial nerf in Sept'11, while making a mild comeback in March'12. It has had several showings at some tournaments, and with the ability to side into Macro easily, is considered one of the better anti-Zecter decks.

The standard plays of the deck include basic control with Spells and Traps, whilst utilising United and Ascestism to gather field presence and eventually control with Shi'en and Beast. Also, monsters in the deck tend to bigger than the average Zecter, allow them to easily squash them bugs.

The big plays of the deck involve Kizan vommitting and/or opening with Shi'en and 2 monster protection. The usual balance in this is the lack of hand and backrow at the end of such an extension, a problem easily remedied by Gateway.

With the new improvements in Warrior exclusive Exceeds, archetypical toolbox and in general large Level 4s in this format, Six Samurai are a flexible deck who are about to have their options branched out even greater. The deck of choice for DAT retarded noob, Konami may decide that it is time to step up the level of playing for Six Samurais, giving them more support, yet restricting them from going off too easily.

However, it can be easily argued that the deck has done jacksquat in really affecting the format as it really isn't the best deck to play anymore. While being able to shift easily from control to rush, Rabbit and Chaos Dragons are simply better options, it really comes down to whether any new support may put the Samurai back on the radar.

Final verdict: Due to relative balance in the meta, Six Samurai deserve to remain untouched. However, Gateway is indeed a problem card, and could go with the upcoming banlist to silence haters.
P.S Any self respecting Six Sam player would agree that Gateway going is not really a bad thing.

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  1. Well gateway is certainly a strong card *compared to charge of light brigade/Black whirlwind* , it helps the deck cover is limitations such as lack of hand and provides a constant supply of six sam monster for swarming for every 2 summon of six sam monsters.
    But yeah it only appears once in a blue moon, so gateway going is not really destructive move against six sam. Though i seriously think that six sams will not be touch for this banlist. Just to promote the new Six Sam SD~