Monday, 16 July 2012

Banlist Talk - HEROes

The #1 choice for players in Singapore, probably #2 from all the showings in Shriek, the age old HERO deck has been the deck of choice in the OCG for people who jus do not want to play Inzecter. So balanced is the deck that despite being around since Gemini Spark, it never got directly hit by the banlist.

For the typical HERO Beat varients, the deck focuses so much more and the build than the play that it really shows the player's fundamentals in the game, which is control and beatdown. I really can't find a fault in the deck that would cause it to be "broken" per say, which would explain why they have been around without taking a hit.

The same can be said for the "Arrive HERO" which tests the fundamentals of timing the attack properly due to the 'OTK or die' nature of the deck. There really isn't anything horrendously overpowered or something that makes people go "this card is the reason they win, take it out". It's jus a bunch of cards that have good synergy plus backrow removal.

Pretty much, HERO is not expected to come of untouched this time around, the problem is where, and many are calling E-Call. Well, that's the easiest option that makes sense, considering Konami likes hitting toolbox cards to lower consistency, though I'm pretty sure losing two E-Calls won't do shit to their performance.

Final verdict: One of the big three candidates, E-Call, Super Poly or Miracle Fusion to be limited.