Sunday, 11 December 2011

Clementi Tourney Report (11/12/11)

After another bout of flame wars and bad jazz, I was pretty much obliged to join today's tourney if not sure kena label as humjikia :(
Big thanks to Johann for buying my Illumiknight if not I no cash pay entry fee :)
On to the report:
Deck used: Junk Doppel built in 10 minutes

Number of participants: 22

Round 1 - vs Yew Long (HERO Beat) XOO
Game 1 - He open with Raiou and two backrow, I ate alot of damage early on due to that Raiou and was left with 1300. He made a Roach which I Mind Control-ed so I only had the Raiou negate to worry about. Can't remember how but I managed to lure out the Raiou negate and jump my DAD. He next turn just Dark Hole, Miracle GG.
Game 2 - I milled my Heavy Storm early on and he next turn immediately set 4 backrow. Failed to do initial damage but forced the Judgement with my Pot of Avarice. He forgot about the Veiler he saw with Dustshoot and E-Called an Airman which I Veilered and failed to draw into monsters as I slowly caught up in field presence.
Game 3 - I threw a Debris and CotH to Trishula him, getting rid of 1 HERO in grave and on field. The epic part was when I hit the Dark Hole in hand. He lost and revealed a hand of tri-Miracles.

Round 2 - vs Ying Jun (T.G Agent Angel) OXO
Game 1 - I was clearly ahead in card advantage when he Pot a BLS. Luckily next turn I top drew BTH, and he had no answer for it.
Game 2 - He was clearly ahead in card advantage as he played rather agressively after Dustshooting me. I tried defending with a Spore but it was futile.
Game 3 - I can't exactly remember what happened but, he end board had a Shine Ball and I Black Rose then no blow turn him to attack and apparently he had nothing.
I drew Maxx "C" on all his Venus :) but he forever stop at first ball ZZZ.

Round 3 - vs Xiao Mei (Rabbit Ragia) OXO
Game 1 - Her first Guaiba tio Ryko then she come out the second one, next turn I Junk pull Mind Control Trishula and controlled for a few turns then she have Dark Hole AND Heavy Storm and I left to top decking but heng heng top deck a Sorceror.
Game 2 - She just took early control amd when I defending late game she had a Dolkka, which negated my Tomato twice :( Lost soon after cos a Ragia appeared after that.
Game 3 - It hit a point where the Raiou on the field and I had 3 DARK and LIGHT targets. Chaos Sorceror and DAD in hand. I jump Sorceror try forced negate but she didn't fall for it and Veiler me. No choice but to Card Trooper suicide ram and it milled another DARK for me so I just jump for fear she kill my Sorceror next turn, her Rabbit attempt tio BTH and she scrub.

Round 4 - vs Johann (T.G Agent Angel)
We play w/o side cos both of us 3 wins so confirm up just decide who will kena the FULL WIN CURSE
Game 1 - Can't remember
Game 2 - Cheating hand on first turn allows me to Librarian Formula, I generated way too much advantage and he couldn't keep up.
Game 3 - This one quite funny the last part, he had 3 Angel in grave, Gachi with 2 Ball and Venus on field. I decided not to hit which was DAMN DUMB, cos next turn he just double sack for........ you guessed it.... KRISTYA (BITCH ANGEL)!!

Score : 3-1
Swiss placing: 3rd

Proceed to Top 8
Top 8 - vs Sam (Mainspring Inzecter) XOX
Game 1 - Didn't know what deck he playing so first turn Set Ryko, it kena Damsel Hornet, lost too much advantage from there summore he come out 1 Zenmighty and the following turn another 2. He gamed me when he hit my Card Trooper with an Acid Golem, totally forgot about that possibility.
Game 2 - He left Centibeet and 1 hand card after he PWWB me and drop Rat I suspect he did not have much left, went in with Card Trooper and he Veiler so I could not gain attack, but I milled the Tomato and went into Scrap and he left to top-decking but scrub soon after his Allure missed.
Game 3 - I got DDV-ed 4 hand card gone and he knew my entire hand so can tell me with confidence that I couldn't win after he showed me a Warning.

Result: Top 8 (shared)
Prize: XX-Saber Darksoul cos no one wanted it and Roger and Cavin wanted to go.

After hearing all the tales of how Sam would tell you that you lost, having it done to myself felt.... Rather cool actually. I was not at all offended or anything. Really, it was an honour.

As for the flame wars, it appears I'm gonna get kicked out of Singapore Yugioh Association, but that's fine. I'm gonna leave myself. This is the way I roll, and I'm bound to have haters and all that bad jazz. Sorry for not being you average Singaporean duelist, just cos I'm different doesn't make me an attention seeker.

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