Monday, 12 December 2011

Gold Series 2012

Everyone's talking about.

Zenmaines reprint here? Considering it's been out in TCG for like a month? Looks that way, it has a Japanese name and translated name that makes sense.

This is the biggest FUCK YOU from Konami to the TCG since they reprinted Starlight Road in Yusei Pack.

And we thought they would just do the predictable with the BLS and the Pot.

Judging from the list that's out already,
it appears one of the two is gonna be common, cos Zenmaines is pretty much fixed to be NR. My guess is Pot.

As usual, they release all the good jazz now and you wait on day of release crap like Junk Gardna get reprinted here instead of Boo Koo.

Please Konami, reprint the almighty Boo Koo!!

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