Monday, 19 December 2011

Some cards to side against the new meta

With ORCS support for Inzector, Ninja and Mainspring, the current meta has shifted slightly from the typical TGAA style we've been seeing the past 2 months. With the shift in meta, side decks also have to follow suit. Here are some more side deck options to consider

Trap Hole
No joke, after seeing this on Shriek in a Six Sam's side, I wondered what the fellow was smoking. However, this card does wonderfully against Inzector Damsel as well as make HANZO lose its usual target for Super Transformation. This however, does not stop SPs or Gold Ninja and using it on Agents is just feeding Hyperion ammo, hence for decks that are able to side into D. Fissures, they can also consider siding Trap Holes against Agents and Dark World, dunwan to be feeding Gate ammo.

Wild Tornado
My personal tech against Dark World last time, this is useful against Inzectors as well. Of course, don't use it to burst the Hornet that's STUPID. Inzectors tend to aim for the backrow first so when they hit this use the 2nd effect to get rid of Damsel, thus stopping her effect. This will effectively give you a +1 as he probably wasted his Normal Summon on the Damsel. Also can be used against Dark World to get rid of that irritating Skill Drain, note that Gate of the Dark World cannot be destroyed via the first effect, as it is not in the S/T Zone. Thanks to Weemin for pointing that out.

Rivalry of Warlords
For decks like Six Sam and Dark World, this old tech card can stop Mainspring Inzector from going Zenmighty unless they have Brilli-ant LOL. Also if they attempted build up with Knight of the End, using this will effectively stop them from doing ANYTHING if you can protect it. Also, if I'm not wrong when it is active it will also stop Ninjas from activating Art of Super Transformation cos you are attempting to summon a non-Warrior upon activation? Can someone correct me if I'm wrong?

Of course there are the usual Decrees and Macro and Chain D, but don't you ever get bored of using those?


  1. One word: Prohibition

    - The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury

  2. So how many of me do you have in your main deck?

    - Your best friend - Effect veiler

  3. And me?

    - D.D. Crow