Friday, 23 December 2011

Report of Tournament at Clementi 23/12/11

Deck used: TG Agent

1st Match: Chua WeiHeng (Fatty Waterboy)
Deck used: Dark World
Results: XOO
Game 1 - Beat me to death wif Grapha!!
Game 2 - Creature swap his Grapha, he went: "WTF bastard steal ppl Grapha!!!" Den beat him to death.
Game 3 - Skill Drain + Light Mirror + Grapha + Sin Cyber End??? WHAT IS THIS??? nvm i dark hole, summon Venus and Hyperion and reborn his Grapha and obviously he went: "bastard stop stealing my Grapha!!!"

2nd Match: Sean Tan Min Xuan (Teammate)
Deck used: Machina Gadget
Results: XX
Game 1: Forgot liao, beat me to death wif Gadget and Fortress
Game 2: I can rmb my opening hand VERY CLEARLY.. Dark Hole, Cyber Dragon, Hyperion x2, Kristya, BLS. He summoned Gadget and Fortress and beat me til i left 4300, i next turn cyber dragon and go into Chimeratech. I attack he Mirror Force, I summon BLS he bottomless. What to do? scrub lah :P

3rd Match: Banana (Louis)
Deck used: Dark World
Results: XOO
Game 1: Reborn my Hyperion and i can't do a shit
Game 2: Played slowly, didn't do anything, juz attacked wif Venus all the way and win (can tell he hav bad hand)
Game 3:  Same as Game 2 (About there)

Overall i went Top 8 HAHA XD (thx Dylan for scrubbing to waterboy)

TOP 8......

4th Match: Sunny (wear hat guy)
Deck used: Legendary Six Samurai
Results: XOX
Game 1: 1st turn Shien + GM + 4 back rows, can't do a shit
Game 2: I had a good hand, had control of the field wif Hyperion and Venus + Gachi. Win from there.
Game 3: (MOST DISAPPOINTING) Went Venus + Black Mist. Punch!!! and he... MIRROR FORCE!!
After that forgot to jump Kristya... VERY WASTED and DISAPPOINTING.. He GateWay Shien Kizan Barkion me and i lose lor. nvm learn from mistake, check hand cards next time..

5th Match: Sherwyn (erm.. big size guy)
Deck used: Zombie Plant
Results: OO
Game 1: Dustshoot him, returned Gorz, 2 turns later... Hyperion punch... GORZ!! what is this, cheating skills?? Nvm, had control of the field :)
Game 2: Opening hand, Earth, Hyperion x2, TG Warwolf, BLS, Heavy Storm, POD.. yeah.. that's about it :)

Supposed to hav a game 6 but my opponent was Sean (Teammate). So we split prize :)

Good experience, waterboy shld pay for my entry fee more often HAHA (joking). Thx WeiHeng for paying for my tournament fee. Heng i nvr kenna any Inzektors (scared of those). I won the 5th/6th prize, Number 96: Black Mist, while Sean won the 5th/6th prize, Magic Magic Girl (what was it again?? O.o)

That's all for my tourney report!! XD

Signing off - Jiyeon



  2. too bad lah fatty waterboy :P