Saturday, 17 December 2011

Full yen Tourney (17/12/11)

Today had quite a no of ppl joining the tourney, well i scrubbed the 2nd round, well congratz to wesley on getting 2nd !!! (I LOST TO HIM LOL.....) and some random guy who won the tourney wif chain burn, and i realized i had trap dustshoot throughout all the games .

Deck Used: Jiyeon's T.G Agents ( Apparently i don't know how to play it.....)

1st round :

Sebastian (Junk Doppel) XOO
LOL last week full yen tourney sebas told me to meet him the finals, but i lost in the 2nd round. This time i said dat to him, and guess wat, i met him in the 1st round LOL
1st game: I had no protection to stop his librarian formua combos
2nd game: He had VERY VERY bad hand.
3rd game: He realized he forgot to put in veiler in his main deck, and i just pushed for game

2nd round:
Wesley (Juk Doppel) XX (No joke, he too pro for me)
1st game: Misplayed like some dog wtf
2nd game: I set a fake backrow but he figured it out, i tried to whack for game forgot all abt gorz LOL, he nxt turn scrap dragon me. I had a hyperion in my hand so i guess i could make a comeback, so i crow his only light monster, n den he sacrifice his juz set ryko to destrpy my tori. Den he jumped BLS, used leeching the light and i went WTF? GAME OVER (Wesley still tell me play friendly wif him LOLOLOL, anyways gratz again :) )

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