Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Decks of 2011

With 2011 almost over it's time to look at the decks that have impacted the meta since January.

10. Karakuri
Karakuri have been around for ages, is just that with Heavy Storm's release, it became a viable deck choice. Different varients of Karakuri exsist but their final goal is still to swarm with heavy 27/28 beaters and rape.

9. Rabbit Ragia
With the release of Rabbit and Ragia, a new type of control deck was born. The deck only real issue was drawing into those yellowskins, other than that, a first turn Rabbit could devastate most meta decks.

8. Agent Angel
With WWBF crippled, players wanted to try something new, and Agent Angel became their new playtoy. Capable of summoning an extremely early Trishula, as well as access to Vermillion Declarer, this deck topped quite abit for a short period, even taking this year's World Champ.

7. Dark World
Dark World became extremely popular since it's release after the success of Hyperion in SD21, Grapha was considered imba by some. The deck managed to gather more consistentcy during this period as players began to discover new techs such as Skill Drain, SIN Cyber and Trans Demon.

6. Debris Dandy / Junk Doppel
The predecessor to Junk Doppel, Debris Dandy grew from the late Quick Dandy due to the release of Librarian. The deck still had a hard time going around all that backrow in this format. The same problem after evolving into Junk Doppel, yet with Trunade the deal was usually sealed for both decks.

5. Inzector
Possibly the best deck this format, Inzector were cheap, easy to play. Consistency issues plauged the deck though, hence players resorted to techs such as Tomato and Knight of the End. Still, one of the most feared decks this format.

4. T.G Agent Angel
People realise that Striker plus Venus = Trishula and Hyperions to follow up were good and TGAA was born. Possibly the strongest deck this format, TGAA's consistency issues were solved by it's extreme deck thining capabilities.

3. Offering Gadget
With the realease of Rank 4 stuff like Emeral and Chain, the deck grew from stupid to imba, similar to Striker Venus, Offering Gadget also used a 2 card combo that is near impossible to stop, you can't Warning it! Veiler and backrow hate did the trick however, but expect Offering to take the hit next list.

The best deck in the format in Pre March IMO, the deck really caused a meta shift after it's hit on the March list, losing alot of consistency. Still one of the best decks ever made, loyal followers will tech anything just to win with it again.

1. Six Samurai
Stupid deck with 3 Gatways led to a dumb format. FIRE/WATER loop led many who couldn't afford or simply didn't want to play the deck to condemn the deck. Even after the hit on Gateway in March, it still continued to top. One of the strongest decks ever made.

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