Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lorong ahsoo tourney (31/12/11)

Match 1: ??? ( Vanilla Skilldrain Beatdown)
Game 1: Control him wif shi en and punch him to death
Game 2 : Control me back using his laigga at first den after dat when i try do stunt he on skill drain, i den make aoj decisive arms try go for punch cuz if he lance my arms his laigga still die but he compulse it back.......
Game 3: Control den rush him, similar to game 1


Match 2: Zan Hao ( Inzecters)
Game 1: He got hand full of veilers and when he jump his inzecters i use my backrow stop den my 6 sams beat him to death
Game 2: Typical inzecter stunt+ 1st turn Royal Decree killed me off
Game 3: I tried to black rose him but tio veiler , den he inzecter stunt me den lose.....

Result: OXX

Match 3 (dose for 1-1): ????(Skilldrain Vanilla Beatdown) (same opponent as in game 1)
We told de uncle we juz now duel b4 den he wanted to re do pairing again, but other players started le so he juz ask us continue play
Game 1: 1st turn laigga control me, i made a big misplay....
Game 2 : i shi en control him , den push him, he summon his rabbit i chain disappearance it :)
Game 3: We bof spent our resources getting rid of each other, and in the end we were left to top decking, n apparently i drew a kagemusha and asceticism the nxt 2 turns


Cut to top 16

Match 4:Jesmond (GK)
Game 1: We stalled for quite a long time cuz bof no monsters at some point, den when i got the right cards i on united gateway, elder den asceticism, den flood de field, he had only 1 set monster from turn 1, so i tot it was a spy, so i pump gateway counter on shi en to punch, and i had a warning to get rid of it, but guess wat, it was a reaper........... So i end my turn, he draw den on duality, i negated. He Dark hole, i starlight road :) He den end turn. I den overlay my shi en and grandmaster for no 61 volcasauras and game!! ( special thanks to wen liang for lending me this)
Game 2 : i juz rush him wif zanji, kizan and grandmaster, he on mirror force den i starlight road again, den he scooped

Result: OO

Cut to top 8:

Match 5 : Cassandra (inzecters)

Game 1 : couldn't stop de inzecter stunt cuz near full monster hand
Game 2: had sufficient protection, i made a misplay when she had 300 lifepoints, i had enishi and trish on field, i use enishi whack the face down monster turn out to be snowman eater den destroy my trish, den she nxt turn summon damsel i fiendish chain, she overlay i bth
Game 3: I ran out of resources, i was trying to save up so i did nt set any card, she den gigamantis stunt me.......

Result: XOX

Bottom 4:

Match 6 : Zan Hao (inzecters)
Game 1: Inzecter stunts again omfg.........
Game 2: i actually control at start wif beast, grandmaster and kizan, set dark mirror demon chain, he acid golem i demon chain, i came out volcasaurus (nian jie was shouting wat a strong card dis was lol), but unlucky gt bth, he den drew trap stun set, i drew another dark mirror set, den he damsel shoot me 1 card, den i demon chain nxt turn, but den he overlay revise dragon and i lost to a 2.5k beater dat i couldnt overcome
Result: XX

Overall position: 7th/8th

Ying Jun lost to nian jie, since he needed de rai oh more so we share and i let him have it, i den took the jfa n jfb, and guess wat, i got a Fishborg Launcher ! Lamby and Eustace didn't do dat well today sadly. Today all my losses to inzecter sian.Well, Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)

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