Monday, 21 November 2011

Chain Disappearance vs Weight Over

As we all know one of the new cards in ORCS has caught the attention of quite few. It is none other than Weight Over A.K.A Shine Ball murderer. Compared to the commonly used Chain D. , Weight Over has several pros to it, as well as several cons.

Pros of Chain D. :
Potentially hits the hand, thus reducing opponent's hand advantage.
Can be used upon your own summon
Nicer artwork LOL.
Gets rid of Level 3 or higher engines.

Pros of Weight Over :
Can be used upon Venus second Ball.
Can get rid of Tuners such as Earth and Glow-up Bulb.

Cons of Chain D. :
Loss of target with cards such as Book of Moon.
Must be used upon Venus first Ball for full advantage.
Cannot get rid of the first turn Earth.
Not worth it to get rid of generic tuners such as Glow-up Bulb and Spore, as people usually only play 1.

Cons of Weight Over :
Stricter activation conditions.
Hits own field as well.
Cannot hit the hand.
Cannot hit irritating shit like Lonefire, Dandy, Rabbit etc.

Weight Over or Chain D, you decide.

Personally, I feel that Weight Over is the more generic choice, whereas Chain D is better for some decks, E.G Agent decks or T.G varients. As you can Chain D. your own summon, you could potentially get rid of all your opponent's Earth or Striker with 2 turns, players tend to be more cautious in Games 2 and 3. So if you Chain D. your own summon, your opponent will be in total WTF mode.

Just some food for though, personally I will be choosing Weight Over for my Sams, as the risk of running into a mirror or fairly slim with the current meta shifting towards Hyperion and Striker and HR of the Six parties. Could always Chain D. HR but WTH?

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