Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Why Kristya is a BITCH.

After all that crap I think I should start being an autistic geek and start flaming cards, so why not start with the most HATRED-ED card of all!

Why is Daitenshi Kristya a BITCH?

Scenario 1 - Agent player opens with Vahalla Kristya.

Scenario 2 - Agent player summon Earth search Venus, next turn you get rid of Earth. He show you Striker, Venus, Kristya.

Scenario 3 - Big monster deck show you Trade-in, Kristya, Monster Reborn.

Scenario 4 - Striker jump Werewolf OK, double sack Kristya

Scenario 5 - Declarer Kristya Royal Decree

Next question I have, why is Oppression banned and Kristya not?
Rationale for banning Kristya and not banning Oppression
1. Your opponent can use it.
2. It does not have 2800 ATK.
3. It doesn't take back the Honest for you.
4. It is a Trap card, which has to be set first.
5. It can easily be gotten rid of.
6. It doesn't go back top deck when it dies.
7. It has a cost.
8. It is GENERIC, hence BALANCED.
9. Cannot stop Gorz, Trago, Fader.
10. MUCH nicer artwork.

I would say more, but Kristya might sue till I piss or whatever the hell that guy said.

Bottomline: Kristya is a BITCH ANGEL.


  1. it is not easy to get kristya on the field.ppl like u are fking sore losers,u cannot get past it and u hates it and wan it to be banned....the biggers problem is ur deck,which causes u the loss when kristya is on the field.when oppression is unbanned,u oso sure kp one say why it is not ban.think from a different angle,why does other ppl dun kp so much because of kristya?

  2. I think kristya deserved to get ban-hammer-flinged to limited. What Eustace say is correct there are times where its a total lockdown condition such as declarer + kristya. On top of it the ease to splash her out on the field is very high. Valhalla, miraculous descent and kristya's summoning condition flexible with a ownself lavaval chain effect... and the ability to retrieve an angel from grave when its graveyard conditioned. Looking at the meta, conditioning her summon is simply child's play. However like what anonymous says, there are ways to condition your field to prevent her summon. One solution is jowgen the spiritualist as proposed solution by konami in GS 2012

  3. Yes! Kristya really locked the hell of people. The only deck that can "Bear" with the lockdown is Machina Gadget.

  4. This deck will always have smashing ground!

  5. Lyla reprint!!!!!!

  6. Just Prohibition Krystia?

  7. If I Prohibit Kristya, he can Hyperion it away. The deck is ridulous! So many top deck options and thins so quickly with T.G engine, Earth and Venus. Venus thins shit out of the deck faster than a Toon Table of Contents.

  8. Cards that need two balls:
    1) Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. Reason: All mans have two balls

    2) Daigusto Phoenix. Reason: I think all male birds have two balls.

    3) Shine Elf. Reason: All Elves needs an Extra Crystal ball in case one got spoilt during a performance.

    Currently, the only Card that need three balls:

    THE Number 96: Black Mist. Reason: LIke obvious, it is an alien and all male aliens have three balls.

    Credits to : Our god of love, Venus, making all this possible.

    Year 2010: All the shiny balls are scattered all over the world, ignored by the duelists from all over the world.

    Mid April 2011: A black Hole from another Dimension opened, And the ability to EXCEED come forth. This changes the duelist world. Venus sacrifice her blood of at most 1500ml, to help the balls to be part of this new era. From then on, all the balls were wanted, even those abandoned by the dustbin are picked up to be used.

    From then on all the balls found their duelling master and they make all the difference in the duel.

    These balls provide the condition for Kristya as well.

    Gachi Gachi Gantetsu boosted Kristya also. :P

  9. Problem lies behind the table, not the card.