Sunday, 13 November 2011

YGO Asia Plus Team Report (Team LuckSack)

Hey people, 13ms.Ozawa here. (:

Team LuckSack : Cavin, Luke, Sean Tan

Had a bad morning today. Woke up @0750am today, got dressed and rushed down to Yew Tee MRT only to realise I had forgotten to bring my wallet. Went home to get it and managed to meet my team members 10 mins late. We arrived @ The CC around 10 plus along the way we were deciding for the team name and I thought of team "Gigandick" but the rest disagreed LOL and we changed it to Team lucksack. At the sign in I thought Eustace would print my deck list for me as my printer is spoilt but NOOOO. He could not wake his pussy up 10mins earlier to print it and I had to write it all over again on a blank template. To top it all of almost everyone in both teams managed to recover at least half of their entry fee. Luke got a Darksoul, Sammy got a maxx C, Reborn got a boggart knight and a scrap archfiend. While I got a fucking naturia pineapple. Eustace and sean got shit too. Now for the actual report

Team Score (Overall) X O X
1st game : Team Heng Heng
2nd game: Team No money
3rd game: Forgot name, too long to rmb

Individual rounds (13ms.Ozawa)
Deck used: Six Samurai
Score: OO
Game 1
Opponent: Some malay player ( I suck at remembering malay names)
Deck: Dark world

Game: 1
He had a cast on one arm and yet still wanted to table shuffle my deck and I felt unhappy as he dropped a few cards. Well, I 1st turn united-Shi'en him (No gateway sadly) with a kizan and a backrow of magatama, double edge, warning and a bot. Later in the game, I misplayed by summoning my elder of the six samurai 1st before placing my gate. My gate barely touched the field and he was like "No, no replay" I didn't mind much since I misplayed and was in control for that game. next turn I grandmaster and double edged him for the win

Game: 2

Won via De kill, he dragged down set 4 cards in backrow one of them was a "gate of the dark world" well the game continued and and slowly he opened all his backrow and when he reached his gate he replaced it with the current gate. I called judge, judge dekill him since he opened a card D as well in the previous turns.

2nd Game

Opponent: Some chinese dude (Nice guy (: forgot his name though)
Deck: Machina Gadget
Score:O X O

Game 1: won due to 1st turn shi'en and strong protection. When summoning to prepare for the killing blow. he book of moon my shi'en. I negate he chained Flush. I starlight road and he auto scooped.

Game 2: All I saw was a breaker, flush and a book of moon. Didn't know what to side so did not side.
lost due to loss in advantage over time and got beaten to death by machina fortress

Game 3: Sided in D.Fissure and Irou. Won via level 4 six samurai beatdown.

3rd game

Opponent: Zhi
Deck: Machina Gadget
Score: X X

Game 1: Did a very dumb error. I put elder into my extra deck and so when I wanted to search it I was like  OMFG I'm screwed.  almost got dekill but judge was a nice guy and so was Zhi so only tio warning and removing that card from play until next game

Game 2: Error from game 1 affected morale for game 2 plus luke and sean scrubbed so basically didn't know what I was doing.


Signing Off,

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