Sunday, 13 November 2011

YGO Asia team tourney report...

Team LuckSack: Leader Sean, Member A Me, Member B Cavin

Round 1 vs Team Heng Heng
Opponent: Alvin (TG Agent)

Game 1: He earthed and venused me and i had nth to stop him, after he trishulaed, he double hyperion me and i scrub lor...
Game 2: Everything was going smoothly til he spawned a BLS and pwned my monsters, he switched a shine ball to attack position and attacked me too. LOL next turn i top draw junk synchron and synched junk warrior and attack his balls and win :D
Game 3: (the most wtf game) i was in control of the whole field and the time is up alr, so the player wif the highest life points after 3 turns will win the game. my life points was like way much higher than his, i had a d.a.d and a scrap dragon on the field. the guy was like going to scrub and ready to raise his hand to shake hands wif me but his friend say dun give up. in the end he top draw a hyperion and pwned my face. What is the most wtf thing? he said "they call me the master of top-draw hyperions" wtf

Round 2 vs Team No Money
Opponent: Ash (TG Agent) AGAIN!!!

Game 1: I totally forgotten what happened, i juz remembered he pwned me wif a freakin BLS!!!
Game 2: hehe i trishlaed him and he was reduced to fieldless wif 1 hand card. from then i juz slowly beat him til his death.
Game 3: (most epic) I WAS DYING!! he had a hyperion, earth and a freakin BLS (again) and he wacked my face down ryko wif the BLS (before the battle phase he activated Prohibition and declared Effect Veiler =.=''), i bombed his BLS but i knew i was going to lose after the hyperion and earth attack. JUZ THEN, my ryko mil a dandylion and i spwned 2 tokens to defend my ass. HAHAHAHA. next turn i did MASS STUNT which end product is an AOJ, ANDROID, D.A.D, CHAOS SOCEROR, and SCRAP DRAGON. liddat den he scrub lor XD

Round 3 vs Team Gearframe Fortress Lim
Opponent: dunno his name, look like piekia de (TG Agent) WTF AGAIN?!?!?!?!

Game 1: he started first and he set two cards. on my turn i MST one of his set card and he chained trap dustshoot (irritating card). crap i liddat -1 lor. he pulled out his trishula stunt and in the end i scrub lor...
Game 2: by now my morale was greatly affected due to fighting TG Agents for the whole day (suay).
he won me easily, after he trishula
(AGAIN), he tripled hyperion me (wtf). i scrub lor.

Overall it was fun HAHAHAH, thanks Sean and Cavin. It was good experience and i wish to join more tourneys next time. Btw i got a Darksoul from my entree fee muahahaha and i'm selling Sammy for $15 :)

Signing off: Jiyeon


  1. Its team gearframe fortress limiter, and u referring to me as the piekia?

    I so innocent please =.=

  2. Hey guys, the word "Sammy" looks familiar: Hey are u the one who...

  3. New team are produced everyday. I catergorised your team between pro and average. How long has this team been formed?

  4. about a month, but we've been playing tgt for more than a year. also, since we hav 9 members we interchange between them based on the availability of our members.