Thursday, 3 November 2011

Card Review: Gren, Tactician of the DarK World

Firstly, this is a dark world monster, which means its one of those stuffs where after you discard it, your opponent goes "OMG DARK WORLD!!"
Firstly, new Dark World cards came out not long ago and many ppl are playin it coz its so overpowering, why?? ITS BECAUSE OF THIS CARD!!!! this card is overrrated and has been believed to rise to $25 per piece!!
IMAGE: You are fieldless handless wif only the field spell, and you just mind crushed your opponent, you saw a mirror force and BTH in his hand, he sets a card and end his turn, you might think its a mirror force so its your turn, you draw your card and you see Zure, Knight of dark world, you summon it, and it kenna BTH!! not a mirror force. But what happens when your opponent only has 600 LP?? you top draw this godly card and you can raise out your hand to offer a handshake wif opponent. Your opponent can't do a shit!!! Even if the set card is not BTH you must look on the bright side, you attack and he mirror forced a miserable of a 600 atk monster!! its a ONE FOR ONE!!!
IMAGE: You have a grapha on the field, your opponent has 3000LP a DP set face down, you top draw this card and.... uses the field spell to discard it and destroy a $9 (i think) card!!!!! What's better? your opponent falls of his chair and goes, "NO, i am not worthy of looking at this card!!" and he went to end his life.
IMAGE: your opponent has a E.Hero Absolute Zero on the field, one Effect Vieler in his hand, and one Necro Gardna in his graveyard. You have a junk synchron, double summon and inferno reckless summon in your hand!! You can scrub alr rite??? But.... IMAGE: you summon junk synchron, pull BOOKOO (one of the godliest and most expensive card in history of ygo) from ur graveyard and den use inferno reckless summon to summon more BOOKOOs from hand, field and grave, but you look at your banished zone and see a BOOKOO and you recall your BOOKOO kenna DP the turn b4. 1 junk synchron + 2 bookoos = level 7, you cannot black rose coz there's effect veiler, you cannot scarp archfiend coz you'll kamikaze wif the absolute zero. BUT!!! what if, you forgotten your draw phase and top draws a GREN!!! you activate double summon and normal summon GREN!! 1 junk synchron + 2 bookoos + 1 gren = lvl 9, hehe you get what i mean!! TRISHULA!!!, your opponent will be too flustered and traumatized at the presence of a $45 (i think) card that he totally gone bonkers and forgotten he had a damn effect veiler on the field!! WHAT'S WORSE? he'll forget to use necro gardna upon TRISHULA's summon, ON TOP OF THAT!! he'll even forget to destroy your TRISHULA wif absolute zero's eff (even though its compulsory, nvm, judge not looking). you smack that card right at his face and you'll win!!! ALL BECAUSE OF..... GREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other support wif GREN, mage power + mage power + mage power + mage power + shooting star bow ceal = 9300 ATK = OTK!!!! :)


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