Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tournament Report Full-Yen (26/11/11)

1st time in my entire life, i gt more dan 2 wins( pathetic rite?) in a ygo tourney, and even btr i got champ for dis tourney :). But i have to admit, i was VERY lucky today, esp against poh seng and sebas.

Deck used: six sams
1st game: bye

2 game: Poh Seng (Offering gadgets) XOO
1st round: Had a hand of spells, only monster zanji,thought it was machina gadgets at 1st, but den it turned out to be offering gadgets, i dusthoot him, he dustshoot back my zanji, and i had a grandmaster stuck in my hand for quite some time.When i came out revise dragon, he warning.He then came out daigusto emeral, i know i lost already.
2nd Round: Went 1st, summoned rai oh, leaving him wif a stuck hand of gadgets and duality, he den mirror force my rai oh, and i rushed for game
3rd Round: he went 1st, time was called i summon a 2 6 sams, wif gateway on the field, he flushed and starlight road, , time was called,he blocked my attacks wif offering, but in the end lost, as he could not bring down my life points lower dan his, he could have won if he put in brionac in his extra deck, but idk y and he put in chaos number hope instead LOL LOL

3 game: chuan zhi(GB) XOO
1st round: he do his stunts, darius pull out hoploumus, xyz hope, hope too strong for me i lose.
2nd round: rushed him, did not let his monster stay on the field, if did i made sure got now backrow or cards dat can change my monster attack.
3rd round: Rushed him, did same thing as in game 2

4 game: sebastian (hero beat) OXO
1st round: he had REALLY bad hand, i think full alius hand
2nd round: stoopid grand mole appeared, apparently sebas favourite card now, i destroyed it, he do he miracle fusion, i warning, he miracle fusion again= scrub
3rd round: Rushed him, can't really rmb how i won him

5 game: John (infernity) OXO (poh seng goona post he took video of it)
1st round: rushed him.
2nd round: rush failed, archfiend n necromancer do stunt = scrub
3rd round: rushed, misplayed like a retard, but in the end still won LOL

Overall position: 1st

I'm glad dat my points are no longer -6, and sebas feed me 7 points thanks(idk if its true but dats wat he told me)!

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