Sunday, 6 November 2011

Asia Cards Shop Lavalval Chain Tournament (6/11/11)

I'm freaking frazzled cos I never won a tournament in my life, let alone a Lavalval Chain tournament

Round 1 - Wei Ann (T.G Agent Angel) OXO
Game 1 - Back and forth early build up, then when I dropped Maxx "C" on his Venus, gained the advantage with a Trishula next turn and took the game from there.
Game 2 - I lost, I remember a Hyperion.
Game 3 - I won, I remember a Splendid Rose.

Round 2 - Johann (Hero Beat) XX
Game 1 - He began with unfriendly backrow. I decided to be friendly.
Game 2 - Black Rose attempt with Spore and Doppel kenna Gozen Match.

Round 3 - Clarence (Karakuri) OXO
Game 1 - He had to waste Warnings on two Card Troopers and when the big troops came, he could only attempt to stall.
Game 2 - D. Fissure wins games, fact.
Game 3 - D. Fissure wins games, this time for me as I Trishula-ed but decided to go for the backrow and it was D.P and attack the soldier thingy, which effect activates in Grave. Keep on hitting for game.

Result: 2-1
Swiss Ranking: 8th WTF?
Proceed to Top 8

Top 8 - Dominic (Frognach) XOO
Game 1 - Couldn't gain any tempo at all! And keep forgetting to Veiler Swap Frogs. And forgot he Potted a Creature Swap and give him free BLS.
Seriously what's with me forgetting Pots these days...
Game 2 - I totally can't remember! I think my Trishula hit his Gorz and it was like stall stall stall cannot stall.
Game 3 - He was desperate, he Formula with a Normal Summoned Veiler, I was evil, I Veiler the Formula.

Top 4 - Johann (Hero Beat) OO
Game 1 - I was being controled with a BREAKER! Then I lure BTH out with Librarian, Next turn C.Soc into Arcanite then burst 2 backrow turnout to be Mirror Force and D.P, went on to Trishula and hit the Dark Hole.
Game 2 - I forgot to BTH his Airman, which turned out to be a good thing cos he came out his SHINING that turn, Trishula again for the pluses and took game from there with sheer advantage.

Top 2 - Joel (Dark World) OO
Game 1 - He had Grapha and Beiige, I came out Trishula and C.Soc, he came out Hope to defend and I jump DAD for game.
Game 2 - He made a very big mistake with his Drag Down, taking my D.D Crow and next turn I jus Reborn his Grapha, he had no Fiend so he Summon Snoww to suicide, suicide pass, but Raiou attacked Ryko which in turn burst the Gate and he was left with Grapha stuck in hand and Raiou on field. He set a monster the next turn and I show him BLS.

Position : 1st
Prize: Lavalval Chain

My first win!! I hav decided to reveal my SUPAAA INSANE TECH Junk Dop after Asia, lol. Overall, a FANTASTIC experience as I think everyone gets after their first win. So this is how Wesley feels. Muahahahaha!!

I would like to thank Dominic and Johann for their SUPAAA friendlyness in the Top 8 and Top 4 games, if not I sure jizz and scrub one. Joel as well, for a free Grapha, LOL jkjk, a great game, Trap Dustshoot wins games.

Also, my maths recently supaa cui, jus now Synchro 2 stars come out Librarian. -.-
Dunno what else to say, it seems as though my deck jus has a few modifications and it's ready to go, some stuff in there are seriously dead against some decks, for example Maxx "C" against all my Top 8 matchups. And Veiler against Dark World, still haven't decided how many Veilers to main.
My head still giddy, like Reborn's penis, Johann's full foil deck too shiny for me.

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