Sunday, 13 November 2011

Asia Plus 2011 Team Tournament Main Event Tournament Report (13/11/11)

Team name: LSD

Team Leader: Samuel (Machina Gadget)

Member A: Zexuan (Junk Doppel)

Member B: Dylan (WWBF)

Round 1 - VS Team Challenge Accepted! (I think)
Opponent : Jeff (Machina Gadget)

Game 1 - Opened with fairly nice tools for farming and went for the Trish using Formula Soc and Token, Trish got Creature Swap-ed but next turn retaliate with A.O.J and Scrap to go for kill.
Game 2 - Farmed abit with Ryko, but as usual mill almost shit lucky mill 1 DARK, so I next turn C.Soc he Compulse I chain DDV, ate ONE Gadget and he show me nice hand for rushing, next turn kena rush, defended with Dandy but the f*kin Kycoo so dog, my BLS stuck in hand cannot come out, next turn Lightning Vortex but still cannot do anything due to lack of Graveyard and BLS in hand. Lost becos kept drawing crap like Veiler which I didn't need then.
Game 3 - Abit of back and forth, then when I combo start, Junk + Formula, he ok pass, then I decided to go for Black Rose as he had 3 backrow and he Solemn me, meaning no Road. Actually he had made a mistake and in the end Compulse the C.Soc when it came out when it should have been the Junk, could have saved half his LP. I Fortress him and tio smash then the dumbest thing his field got one Kycoo one Gadget, Kycoo attack I go CotH CYBER! And tio Fortress-ed, top decked D.P and said F*k off to Kycoo before coming out 2 big boss mobs which I only remember one of them is Scrap Dragon.
Team Result : XOX

Round 2 - VS Team TAL
Opponent: Leon (KristyaLord)

Game 1 - As usual when I see LightLord and a set monster I pussy out and suspect Ryko so straight into Trish despite waste of advantage, out Card Trooper from the hand which could have changed to situation. Keep on hitting for game, also he milled a Vermillion Declarer, so I knew it was KristyaLord.
Game 2 - He start first Recharge and then set monster. Begin to pussy out and suspect Ryko but then see no way to Trish until I drew One for One which was like the only thing I needed for my combo to start. One for One drop Dandy, Debris into Trish, Spore into Formula and constant plusing plus the minus he got from Trish meant that he couldn't keep up and had to summon small mobs to clear tokens but I Accel Synchro with Jain and Token to make Ancient Holy Wyvern with some ungodly attack, summon Core Destroyer and he Declarer but I continued to attack and he scrubbed.
Team Result : XOX

Some people might say that I got let down by my teamates but I disagree, they really did try. Anw, I wanted to drop but they didn't want to but our Round 3 opponents dropped which meant 2-2 with us pussy tiebreaker = don't even need to try play.
I wanted to Top 8 but I knew the chances were extremely slim and Samuel once again did last minute crap to his decklist which is total WTF for me all the time. It wasn't a bad tourney, I did what I came to do, which was win, so no hard feelings between me and my teamates, rather, I would like to remind people that Compulsing your opponent's Breaker when they target the Compulse is not a good idea. LOL.
Bought a playset of Toon Table of Contents + an old print Tomato for $8!
It was an enjoyable day, despite all the losing, I really felt that we were a team, yes on location I did tell those two of for silly misplays that they shouldn't have made, but overall I was er.. Satisfied with their effort? Can't say I was pleased.
I'm sure the next time the 3 of us come back as a team to play, we can beat anyone! Except Dylan cos he scrubs. Me and Samuel will carry him up LOL. And he can't grow hair on the top left corner of his forehead.

Also, my Asia decklist is my original decklist with only 2 changes to main, take out DAD and 1 Maxx "C", play Scapegoat and 1 extra Trago.
Extra changes, Orient to Iron Chain, Librarian to Junk
Side changes 1 D.D Crow to Chaos Hunter, 2 Mind Crush to Twister and Transmigration Prophecy.

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